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19 Times Old Folks Gave Me A Reason To Laugh Shamelessly At Them

As much as we love our grandparents, they can miss the mark sometimes (read: a LOT of the time).

These fails never fail to make us laugh. Like this grandma who gave her seven-year-old granddaughter weed-themed gloves or the grandma whose "decorative rock" was actually a jawbreaker!

Let's keep the laughs going with this list of 19 old folks who gave me a reason to laugh shamelessly at them!

This lady who made her own emojis.

"Feel free to use as necessary," she wrote. Will these ever get used? Probably not, but we're making a laughing emoji face as we laugh at the sheer hilariousness of this post.

This grandma who doesn't understand "69."

"So it was my grandma's 69th birthday, I thought Reddit might enjoy the cake she made," this Redditor wrote. That we sure did! This cake is so cute, we don't have the heart to tell her the sexual meaning behind it.

This frandma who unleashed her inner Karen.

"My Grandma got bit by a Pelican on the pier and then began to scold it," this Redditor wrote. That finger point and that stances tells us that she used his middle name.

This trolling grandma.

This post may make you think twice before adding your grandma to Facebook! They may troll you with #straightfacts as this grandma did! She may be hella blunt, but she isn't wrong.

This stylish grandma!

"I left my pajamas at home but my grandma said she had something i could wear and then she brought back this," this man wrote on Twitter. Bless her heart for trying to understand "fashion" these days!

This grandma who has no clue.

"My grandma has had this 'decorative rock' on her table for 8 years... I don't have the heart to tell her," this Redditor wrote. We will: IT'S A JAWBREAKER, GRANDMA.

These lost grandparents.

These grandparents were waiting for each other at the mall. If only they knew to turn around. You already know that the wife is being blamed for shopping, while the husband is blamed for being lost.

This grandma who has a dirty little secret!

"Found this hidden behind some jars in my widowed, 86 y/o grandma's kitchen," this Redditor wrote. "I guess we all have our dirty little secrets!" That we do!

This grandma who doesn't quite understand fashion.

"My 90-year old grandma mailed a homemade vest for me to 'wear to parties.' It's...amazing," this grandson wrote on Reddit. In case you didn't know, this appears to be a Noah's Ark vest!

This high-tech grandma.

She's smooth as butta! While this was by no means built to be a butter dish, you have to appreciate the fact that she's innovative and resourceful! Let's just hope she removed the charging cord first.

This grandpa who didn't want to be in painting class.

He was definitely dragged there beyond his will. Surely, the class started off well since he painted that flower. But at some point, no effs were given.

This grandma who might want to return her gift.

"So my name is Brodie Jonas Dean, my grandma found this shirt for me thinking it was a great coincidence. Thanks grandma :/," this poor grandson wrote.

This 420-friendly grandma.

"My 7 yr old daughter asked for fingerless gloves with flowers on them. Grandma delivered," this mom wrote on Reddit.

Oh, grandma. We're not sure teachers will appreciate a seven-year-old with weed-themed clothing!

This grandma who thought this Minecraft sword was a cross.

Her grandson didn't have the heart to tell her the truth. Who knows, maybe she's a follower of the Holy Church of Minecraft? Stranger things have happened.

This grandma who gave her grandson this shirt.

"My grandma got me this shirt, I don't think she gets it," this Redditor wrote. But what if she does get it? We'd have one kinky grandma on our hands!

This grandma who gave this Chrismas gift.

"My traditional grandma found out I moved in with my boyfriend... So this was her Christmas gift," this granddaughter wrote on Reddit. A onesie would've been better, no?

This grandpa who understood the assignment.

Forget the question of who should be the next James Bond, we know who should be the next Batman!

In all seriousness, though, this was the hilarious result of the grandson forgetting his Batman glasses in his grandpa's car.

This grandpa who dressed like this to a wedding.

"My friend had a medieval themed wedding and her grandpa showed up like this," this Redditor wrote. He's been WAITING forever to wear this!

This grandma who was having the time of her life.

Happy 80th birthday, indeed! We hope she didn't invite her grandkids to this shindig! That would be highly inappropriate. They can just watch Magic Mike at home instead!