McDonald's Worker Explains What They Do When Someone Asks For Fresh Fries

Taylor Sakellis

Look, we have to all stop being surprised when we learn fast food companies are not providing us with the freshest ingredients possible. It’s not right, and it’s definitely not okay — but it happens, especially at McDonald's.

I feel like every other month we’re hearing something weird about McDonald's food, or its employees, and this month is no exception.

TikTok is one of the most popular apps in the whole world right now.

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I mean, not on my phone. The most popular app on my phone is UberEats, but enough about me!

We're here today to talk about the rebellious teens on TikTok.

And no, we're not talking about all the silly challenges kids are doing on the app.

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That's a whole different issue for a whole different day.

Remember when people were licking toilet seats? Oh 2020, such a different time.

The teens on TikTok are having a lot of fun exposing the fast food companies they work for, and mega chain McDonald's is no exception.


Now, some teens are coming under fire for showing what they do when customers ask for fresh fries.

In the video, on the on-screen text meant to read 4/20 but instead, the user wrote 9/11.

Despite this glaringly obvious error, the video has gone viral because it proves what a lot of us assumed about McDonald's fries — they're not fresh.

The employee scoops the fries from the warmer and puts them back into the fryer to be warmed up, instead of making a fresh batch.


The comments were mixed, to say the least.

Some people didn't care, and clarified that they mean they want hot fries when they ask for "fresh" fries.

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"As a customer who usually asks for fresh fries, that’s all I want you to do lol heat them up & makes them a little bit crispier," wrote one user.

"I’m totally fine with this. I don’t care as long as they’re hot I’ve worked there and done this," said one former employee.

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"Whatever yall gotta do to make it happen captain," remarked a different TikTok user.

Other people had more adverse reactions to the process.

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"I stopped eating at McDonald’s for 6 years because I’m sure a worker did this to my fries and I threw up LMAOOO," recalled one person.

Other fast food workers chimed in to admit that they too have done this.

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"I used to work at Burger King and this is 100% true," said one former employee.

"At Wendy's I did this all the time," said another.

"that's what we do at Cane's" said a current fast-food worker.

Regardless of how you feel about these double deep fried fries, the only way to make sure you actually get fresh fries is to ask for fries with no salt.

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That way, the employees have to make new spuds!

"I just ask for no salt and then ask for salt packets," said one McDonald's hacker.

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"That's why u ask for fries with no salt cause they gotta make a fresh batch everytime," said another.

I know I'll be giving that trick a try — I'm never asking for fresh fries again!