Grandma Recoils From 'Ugly' Baby Photo Before Realizing She's On FaceTime

Another day, another TikTok trend!

This time, people are showing their family members a picture of an "ugly baby" and recording their reaction.

So far, the results have been hilarious. But nothing was as epic as this grandmother who switched up her reaction REAL QUICK after being told the baby's "mother" was on the call.

Come see it for yourself!

If there's one thing TikTok creator Calum Murphy loves, it's pranking his grandmother.

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Like the time he tricked his gran into thinking he was making a scholarship video that would win him $10,000.

As part of the prank, he made up all different lies about her life that she had to go along with since she was on camera.

"You only got one slice of bread for dinner," he lied.

At one point, he even said that his nan used to prostitute her body to make money to survive. You can imagine the shock on her face from this! "But all that had to stop when I got arrested," she said.

Recently, Calum took part in the trending "ugly baby" TikTok trend.

This is when people show their family members a picture of the same "ugly baby" and record their reaction.

Is it savage? Yes. Hilarious, though? You bet!

Callam was on FaceTime when he pulled up the random photo with his nan beside him.

​"It's my friend's baby," he said.

His sweet nan grabbed the phone to get a closer look at what she assumed was a cute baby. Wrong! It was the face of a baby only a mother could love.

As a result, the nan went from beaming to physically recoiling.

"What's wrong with it?" she asked, unaware that she was on a FaceTime call.

Calum laughed as he continued to prank his nan. "Nothing, Nana she's on call," he said.

She then look at him in shock and changed up her reaction, REAL quick.

Calum then urged his grandma to say something nice about the baby.

"Oh she is beautiful," she said, keeping up appearances.

He kept the prank going from there, telling her the baby's name is Amber Rose. Before the video ended, Calum's gran said what a lovely name that is and said again how beautiful the baby is.

As awkward as the gran felt, people loved her reaction.

"The fact that she had to take a closer look," one commented. "The beautiful from a distance killed me," another added.

People also wanted to try the prank on their own families. "I want to do this to my grandma tomorrow," someone commented.

Many commended the grandma on her quick save.

"What's wrong with it... she's beautiful," one user commented with a laughing emoji. THAT EYEBROW RAISE WAS LIKE did I do good," one wrote. "She understood the assignment," a third added. She sure did with that save!

Many TikTok users also laughed at the name Calum chose.

In case you didn't know, Amber Rose is a celebrity known for dating Kanye West and having a baby with Wiz Khalifa.

Her personal life has always been in the spotlight, which is why the name was hilarious to some.

The prank didn't sit well with everyone, though.

"These are actual really babies, people's children," one user wrote. Their comment received close to 8,000 likes. But for the most part, nana was praised for her Oscar-worthy acting.

In case you're wondering, Calum did tell his gran it was a prank.

When he asked her how many people she thought viewed the video, she said 100.

At the time, it was 250,000, which prompted Gran to raise her hands to her face in shock.

We can only imagine her reaction now to finding out that the viral video has been viewed more than 9.6 million times! Add one extra view by checking out the video for yourself!