10+ Times Internet Sleuths Helped People Identify The Weird Things They Found

I don't know about you, but I'm pretty fascinated with things that people find in their old houses or attics. I'm even more intrigued when those items have a questionable use or purpose.

If you're also into these unusual discoveries, I bet you'll appreciate the following weird objects. I'll give you bonus points if you can identify them too, hee, hee.

1. This Mailbox Shelf

Oh wow, I've never seen a mailbox with a small shelf like that inside of it. Have you? What do you think this shelf is for? Apparently, you could leave coins there for the postal worker to add postage to your mail back in the day.

2. This Odd-Looking Thing

Somebody found this object in an old house, and they had no idea what it was. But the always clever people at Reddit identified it fast. As it turns out, it's a filter for wine.

3. These Stainless Steel Objects With A Plastic Handle

This person found a bunch of these things in some stuff from his wife's grandparents. They're not that big, so what are they? They're just some fancy cocktail picks — that's all.

4. This Strange Item

It’s just two metal cylinders connected by a string. Nothing inside the metal cylinders. What the heck could that be? Well, people at Reddit have spoken and said it was a Begleri, a kind of fidget toy. Hmm...

5. This Pretty Wooden Object

If you guessed that this is one nice-looking hairpin, you would be right, my friend. I thought that originally, too, but then ended up second-guessing myself. It's good that it's lightweight because it's quite large, no?

6. These Plastic Clips

If you found these curious little clips, would you guess their purpose? I'm not sure. As it turns out, they're cable organizer clips. Oh, how fun. I want to get something like this. They're so neat.

7. This Little Cast Iron Pot

If your mother told you that this little cast iron was for pouring oil, but your grandma disagreed, who would you believe? As it turns out, it's a ladle pot that people once used to melt down lead to cast new bullets. Whoa!

8. This Strange Strap Contraption

Somebody found this strange object amongst their tools. They didn't know what it was. What do you think of it? Would you believe that you can use it to carry books?

9. These Glass Items

I don't know why but when I first saw these, they reminded me of exercise dumbells. I do admit that was silly because they're glass and way too pretty for that. If you can believe it, they're actually holders or "rests" for knives.

10. This Odd Baby Gift

If you got this at a baby shower, would you know what it was? It's actually a door silencer. It wraps around and covers the latch on a door, so you don't wake up the baby. How cute, eh?

11. This Fancy-Looking Object

Somebody found this fancy looking object at an antique shop, and they thought it was some sort of food server. They weren't too off on their guess. It's a very fancy bun warmer. Oh, wow, I want one of those.

12. This Odd Tray

If you found this tray at a thrift store, would you know what it was for, huh? I bet not. Believe it or not, it's an actual bagel tray. The button pegs would have kept glass dishes in place. How interesting!

13. This Funky Vessel

Somebody found this funky-looking vessel in a house they just moved into recently. They had no idea what it was. The chain has two corks attached on either end. What is it? You can actually use it to keep wine cool. Aha!

14. This Fork With A Chip

Have you ever inspected your cutlery drawer? Do any of your forks have chips like these in them? You can use this fork for cutting desserts and stuff like that. Wow, who knew that?

15. This Weird Tube

This is a glass tube filled with concrete epoxy. It goes in the hole in the concrete before the anchor bolt. When the bolt is inserted it breaks the glass and the epoxy mixes with oxygen and solidifies, thus holding the bolt in place. Oh, my!

16. This Cast Iron Dome-Shaped Object

What would you make of this cast iron dome-shaped object with a ring on top? As it turns out, it's a hitching post cap for tying horses along the street. I never knew something like this existed.

17. This Strange Bolt

If you are mechanically inclined, you might know this object. It is a Schrader valve tool for car/bike tires. The end to the right removes the valve core, the left side “chases” the internal thread. The bottom one chases the outside threads that the cap screws onto.

18. These Weird Clamps

Somebody found these clamps that pinch together all the way when you pull the lever down. What are they? They're string clamps for aligning suspended ceiling grids. Hmm!

19. This Sharp Twisty Object

This person found a sharp and pointy object in their father's toolbox. Could it be an engraving tool? Well, it's a double-ended scribe that will give you a precise mark or line on metal and other hard materials. Nice!

20. This Unusual Find

If you found this object on your patio would you know what it was? The smart folks at Reddit identified it as a patio table light. I guess the LED lights up the table from below. That's pretty cool, huh?

21. This Playground Item

Somebody spotted this unusual looking piece of equipment on a kid's playground. I thought it looked like some exercise machine. Apparently, they're there, so kids with limited mobility can enjoy the playground, too. Aw, that's so nice.

22. This Unusual Table

Have you ever seen a table such as this one? What on earth is that big hollow part on the top? Well, it's actually a phone table with storage space for the phone book. I'm surprised the cat hasn't tried to squeeze into it, ha, ha!

Oh wow, how fun was this interesting guessing game, huh?

I hope it gave you some cool entertainment and that I'm not the only weird one who actually enjoys discovering things like these and finding out what they are, hee, hee!

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