19 Celebrity Photoshop Fails They Will Never Live Down

Photoshop fails are a dime a dozen in Hollywood.

We see it all the time on Instagram, magazine covers, and photoshoots.

The Kardashian family, especially, is known for photoshop fails. Each one of the famous sisters has been accused of heavily editing their pictures.

Unfortunately for them (and these other celebs), those pictures tend to haunt them forever.

Madonna's body.

Oh, Madonna.

The 62-year-old recently came under fire for a major fail she did six years ago while trying to promote her "Rebel Heart" album. She photoshopped her head onto a random stranger's body!

Khloé Kardashian's thigh.

Since Khloé is no stranger to photoshop, it didn't surprise fans when she heavily edited this mirror selfie.

She later explained that she altered her leg because "everyone comments on how [expletive] up my knees look."

Beyoncé's thighs.

It's hard to understand why Bey would feel the need to photoshop herself. She's GORGEOUS.

But something is definitely off with her thighs. The altered staircase was a dead giveaway that she slimmed them down.

Beyoncé's right leg.

We love you, Bey, but this fail is beyond obvious! Just take a look at the wonky wine glass in front of her and the bent iPhone. She clearly edited her thigh to make it smaller.

Kris Jenner's arm.

While there's no denying that Kris looks amazing for her age (she's birthed six kids, after all!), she clearly had help from photoshop with this photo. Look at the curve in the wood paneling underneath her upper arm.

Kim Kardashian's slanted doorframe.

Forget Keeping Up With the Kardashians; we need Keeping Up With Kim Kardashian's Photoshop Fails!

If you look at the door frame next to her right leg, you'll notice that it's slanted. What's the deal?

Mariah Carey's waist.

Many fans were suspicious of the pop star's tiny waist in this picture. "Hellooooooo PHOTO SHOP," one wrote. "Photoshop to the max," another added. While it could just be a corset, the evidence is pretty damning.

Lindsay Lohan's butt.

Want a bigger butt, but don't want to work for it? Just do with The Parent Trap actress did and photoshop a bigger one! The dead giveaway is that wonky wall behind her.

Khloé Kardashian's many fingers.

While Kim apparently has six toes, little sister Koko has multiple fingers! Check out her left hand and you'll see what we mean. Her white thumb nail also blends into the background.

Kris Jenner's face.

The momager took it upon herself to photoshop both her and Gordon's faces.

She maybe would have gotten away for it had it not been for the famous chef who posted one of the original pictures on his social media!

Kim Kardashian's butt.

Even though she has one of the most famous butts in the world, she still wanted some help from photoshop! Just look at the floor next to her left leg. We don't think it's wonky like that by itself.

Khloé Kardashian's legs.

The smoking gun in this picture was the blurriness of Khloé and Tristan's hands. Some believed she photoshopped it to debunk pregnancy rumors.

"This photoshop is horrible look at his hand and the bottom of her pant leg," one Instagram user commented.

Selena Gomez's hair.

When Selena's makeup artist, Hung Vanngo, posted this photo, fans spotted a dented doorframe to the left.

Although it looks like the image was edited to make her hair look fuller, it's since been taken down.

Khloé Kardashian's torso.

The edit is so obvious, but then again, so are all the Kardashian family's photoshop fails. Khloé was accused of editing her torso to look smaller.

"obvious photoshop on your left side lmao," one wrote. It's hard to believe she hasn't deleted this yet.

Miranda Kerr's legs.

Instagram | @mirandakerr

As a supermodel, it's hard to imagine why she would ever need photoshop. But if you look at the carpet around her legs, it's wonky, indicating that she likely made her legs slimmer.

The *Pretty Little Liars* cast.

When the promo for the former show came out, both fans and its cast members were baffled. "We all look ridiculous. Way too much altering here," Benson wrote in a now-deleted Instagram post.

Kylie Jenner's butt.

Sorry, Kylie, but we all know Kim has the biggest butt in the family!

Beyond that fact, eagle-eyed fans noticed how stretched the pockets and belt loops of her Fashion Nova jeans are.

Khloé Kardashian's face.

While we're all guilty of using photo editing apps, like Facetune, from time to time, Khloé may be taking things to a whole new level. One Instagram page compared her photos to see how much she uses photoshop. Spoiler: it was a LOT.

Kim Kardashian's missing arm.

This is definitely photoshop gone wrong.

She or her team edited this picture of her and bestie Jonathan Cheban so much that her arm totally disappeared! Just check out her right elbow. Explain yourself, Kim!