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19 Times Parents Were Shamed For Ridiculous Things

When it comes to parenting, you can't win.

You'll be told to do things one way by one parent and then given the opposite advice by another. This goes on and on and on.

Eventually, parents are shamed for not listening. They let their kids play with balloons? For shame! They quit breastfeeding? Ugh, the nerve!

Here are 19 times parents were shamed for ridiculous things.

For letting their daughter eat macaroni and cheese.

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This mom posted a picture of her daughter eating the cheesy goodness for the first time.

Sadly, someone had to rain on their parade by commenting, "Do you ever cook meals at home?" Someone was obviously jealous!

For having a cat.

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"My mother-in-law shamed me for having a cat, saying it would smell milk on my baby and 'steal the baby's breath.'" "In my mind, all I could see was that scene from Hocus Pocus where the Sanderson sisters suck the life out of the children." - emilyl4b91a2457

For ending their maternity leave early.


While some mothers are shamed for taking maternity leave for too long, this mom was shamed for going back to work after four months.

And she only did so because her husband is a stay-at-home dad!

For their stretch marks.

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"My wife was shamed for having a few stretch marks after cesarian section. Apparently stretch marks were only reserved for 'real mothers' who gave birth vaginally." - u/Fapiness

For more proof that stretch marks are nothing to be ashamed of, check out these photos by the celebs.

For picking up their baby.

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"It had been less than 24 hours since I had given birth, and one of the nurses shamed me for picking up my baby when she cried. She said, 'You don't want the baby to think she'll be picked up every time,' and then, knowing that I couldn't get up, she moved the bassinet too far away for me to reach." - —maryd427057014

For their one-month-old baby refusing a dummy/pacifier.

This mom felt enough stress over her baby refusing the pacifier without unneeded shame.

Someone told her to keep persisting, but she wasn't about to make her child choke on the damn thing.

For their son not being dressed warmly enough.


"For not having my then 4 month old bundled up and wearing shoes and socks in 85F weather. He was in a onesie and barefoot. He lived. Turns 21 tomorrow." - u/liand22

For changing their daughter's diaper in public.

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"I was changing my daughter's diaper in the back of my SUV in a grocery store parking lot and a woman approached us and said that I was 'teaching my daughter to expose herself in public.'" -cbentley0814

For breastfeeding.

Unsplash | Wes Hicks

While some moms get shamed for skipping breastfeeding, this mom got shamed for doing so!

Her MIL tried to push rice cereal on her as an alternative and said that breastfeeding was her way of "showing off.'"

For not having more children.

Unsplash | Marisa Howenstine

"Recently, my son — an only child — was bitten by a little girl at his daycare. The daycare director blamed us for not having more children, saying, 'If he had a sibling, he would know what to do when a child bites him.'" - hannahr409b58ff7

For talking on the phone while pushing their sleeping baby in a stroller.

"Apparently I should have all my attention on him even though he's asleep and I needed to call my husband for a few minutes." - u/deleted

For giving their child balloons.

All this mom wanted to do was give her child some balloons for his first birthday. But she soon got shamed from the other moms who said they shouldn't have them until they're older.

For being a mother who has tattoos.

Unsplash | Annie Spratt

"If I had a dollar for every time I was told I'm a subpar mother for having tattoos, I could easily afford college for my straight-A student." - charliea5

For holding their baby.

Unsplash | Jonathan Borba

"I got shamed for holding my 1 week old by a random stranger in a grocery store, because I was 'spoiling' her. She insisted I needed to put baby in her carseat in the cart, instead." - u/roosterkitten

For wearing pajamas.

Some moms don't have time to run a comb through their hair, let alone make sure they're wearing "appropriate" attire.

So it was super annoying when this mom was shamed for her choice of pants. The other mom looked at her and said, "You could have at least put on yoga pants."

For choosing to be a working mother.


"Before my baby was born: I just can’t believe you’re coming back to work. I could never let someone else raise my baby. Said by a coworker who was a stay at home mother until her kids were in upper elementary school." - u/littleballoffurkitty

For quitting breastfeeding.

"I now know it's ridiculous, but I was shamed because I stopped producing milk so I couldn't breastfeed. 17-year-old me felt really bad and like I had failed my baby because everyone told me you can't stop producing milk, if you do it's because you've stopped breastfeeding your baby. Even doctors told me so." -u/deleted

For putting their son's long hair in a bun.

Unsplash | Andre Hunter

When these parents dared to do this, they were told that the only men who should wear a bun are "members of Parliament and Sumo wrestlers." Um, what?

For taking their baby outside.

"I was mom-shamed for literally just having my baby outside. I was strolling my four-month-old on the sidewalk when this old man shouted to me, 'My God, what are you doing with that baby outside? Get him out of this pollution!'" - k4453aa198

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