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Ashley Graham Shows Off Her Stretch Marks In New Unedited Pics

Ashley Graham is one of the most beautiful women in the world, duh. She is also a new mom and a supermodel of the WORLD!

So when Ashley posts an unedited, Photoshop-FREE pics of herself, it means something to people.

The 32-year-old shared a beautiful series of photos with herself and her son, while baring her stretch marks and post-baby body, and she's never looked more beautiful!

Ashley Graham has never been afraid to be vulnerable with her over 11 million Instagram followers.

Ashley is truly a girl's girl and has always made it her mission to make women feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skin!

Motherhood has opened a new facet of Ashely's body positive activism, and fans couldn't be more appreciative!

Now, Ashley is sharing some new photos with her son Isaac while showing off her beautiful pregnancy stretch marks.

Captioning the sweet series of photos with lyrics to the "Baby Shark" song, she truly spoke to moms everywhere.

Look beautiful in her new mom uniform of a T-shirt and underwear, Ashley and baby Isaac look happy and beautiful together!

Fans let Ashley know in the comments how much they appreciated her body positive content.

"I love your constant push to normalize bodies, embrace motherhood, and rock your sexuality. I’ve been afraid of all of this for such a long time. You’ve really encouraged me to put my plus size self out there," wrote @1jenniferlauren.

User @abbyyingling left a sweet story in the comments: "My 7 yr old daughter was looking over my shoulder as I’m scrolling and she goes 'who’s that?' I said 'she’s a model' and she said 'like a role model?' And I said 'exactly.'"

I'm so obsessed with Ashley and her bébé and her body positive content!

What do you think of the new, adorable pics? Let us know in the comments below!

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