Parents Are Making DIY Bouncy Beds Out Of Balloons Thanks To A TikTok Tip

Trying to find fun and new ways to keep kids occupied can be a lot of hard work for parents. Many times, parents want to find ways to "drain" kids of their extra energy by doing some activities that require moving and shaking.

Not all parents have a huge space for activities, though.

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Many families don't have big backyards or huge spaces to let kids run loose and drain all of that extra excitement so they can simmer down.

Parents are always looking for "advice" from other parents.

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If anyone knows how to drain their kids and get them rid of all that loud, crazy energy — it's other parents.

Luckily, TikTok parents are innovative and smart!

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Many parents on TikTok share a ton of DIY projects and hacks that any parent can try with their little ones.

Recently, one mom shared a fun hack to make a DIY bounce bed.

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On her TikTok page, @handsonfamily, one mom shared the fun and easy hack to making an indoor activity that's perfect for kids.

This "DIY bounce bed" just needs balloons and vacuum-sealed bags.

And, judging by how much her kids seem to enjoy this, it's something you're totally going to want to try at home.

You just blow up the balloons.

You can blow them up with your mouth or, if you have an air pump in the garage, you may want to grab that to make this a bit easier.

Then, use vacuum-sealed bags.

Many families use space-saver vacuum-sealed bags to store clothing and other items that are not used all year round. You can use them for this project, too! Just pop the balloons in the bags and then suck out the excess air.

The kids love to jump on it!

And, the balloons don't pop because of the vacuum-sealed bags they are placed in. So, it's a win-win for parents!

For those who are concerned...

Some said on the TikTok video that they were "scared" and concerned the balloons would pop. But, the mom said they don't!

Some people said this could also be used for other tricks!

Some commenters shared it could totally be used as an air mattress if you are ever camping or having friends spend the night.

Even older kids wanted to try it!

One TikTok user said she's 19-years-old and wants to do it herself. Who says there's an age limit on bouncy beds?

This family has tons of DIY projects for parents, too.

Checking out their Instagram page, the family shares tons of DIY projects for kids. Like, this cardboard tablet for visual and motor integration.

Or, this DIY soccer table!

Like a foosball table, this is easily made with a cardboard box from Amazon, some paint, and tape. And, it looks tons of fun for the kids.

Overall, it's an easy DIY project to follow.

You can check out more of this family's DIY projects on their TikTok or their Instagram pages.

How neat!

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