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15 Things Even Us Adults Still Don't Get After All This Time

There are tons of things in life that we didn't get as kids that our parents told us, "When you're older, you'll understand."

But, even still, as adults, there are things that make absolutely no sense to us still. And, truth be told, there are many things in life that truly just make zero sense. However, they just are the way that they are.

Why are doctors the way that they are?

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"Why my doctor expects me to be at an appointment 15 minutes before or will cancel it, but then makes me wait 30-45 min after said appointment time to actually be seen," shared one person on Reddit.

Honestly, we totally agree.

How records are actually made.

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Another person shared that they were genuinely curious about how records are made.

How is it possible for music to come out of a record with a needle through the grooves on records?! It is really crazy to imagine.

Why health insurance companies favor some products over others.

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"My long-lasting insulin isn't covered by my insurance. I have to get a coupon from the company to reduce the cost so I can afford it. My fast-acting insulin, however, is covered by my insurance. I need this shit to actually live, but, nope, insurance deems it not necessary for this person with diabetes," shared another.

Why people are the way that they are.

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Others shared that they don't understand how people can be "so horrible" and never grow out of it. Some people are bullies as children, but then as they get older, they can still be that way. How is it that they don't grow out of these negative personas?

Why people still pay for cable.

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Many argue that with all of the streaming services available and all of the inexpensive ways to access entertainment, it's crazy that people still pay such high prices for cable. Some of those packages are so expensive that it can be more money than all the services combined.

The whole deal with license plates.

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"License plates expiring

If the point of license plates is more or less to keep track of people and their vehicles, wouldn't it make more sense to issue a new plate when someone gets a new car," one person shared on Reddit.

The night news.


"Why people don't understand the nightly news is propaganda. They have stories that are embargoed and can't report on and stories that are grossly exaggerated they must report on," shared another person in the thread.

How anyone can hurt a child, ever.

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Another few users shared that they don't understand how anyone can ever hurt a child, or ever let them get into any kind of danger.

Especially as a parent, many argue you should do absolutely everything to protect them and make sure they are safe.


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"Death, the concept and coming to terms with it.

I'm not a religious person but this is the reason why I wish that I did follow religion so that I could have something to believe in post existence," shared someone else online.

What's good with golf?

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Another Reddit user shared that they just don't understand the appeal of golf.

"The appeal of golf. I walk around on purpose on grass I have to be careful about. Looking for a little ball, and then when you find it you hit it to lose it again."


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Others said they don't understand the entire concept and ordeal of marriage.

Having to sign away your independence and your individuality just to prove that you love someone is a bit insane, according to some people online.

Taxes and billionaires.

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"Why people are in favour of tax cuts for billionaires. The extra money doesn't enhance the billionaires' lives at all, and it can provide huge amounts of money for the rest of society to spend on health care etc.," shared another one.

Homelessness in rich countries.

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"First world countries having homeless people. I mean this is a developed country like the United states and yet I see beggars so frequently mostly in New York city. I don't get it. Are they not working out of choice or they aren't eligible for benefits," someone else commented.

The way rent works.

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"Why paying your rent doesn't effect your credit unless you are behind. Like why can't it give me something positive on my credit score? I'm on time every month, so why is it that the one time you are a few days late, it negatively effects your credit," shared another user.

Overall, the vast majority of adults don't get one thing.

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The majority of people online shared that, overall, the one thing they still do not understand nor get as an adult is simple: taxes. Why we pay taxes, why we file them, and even how to file them.

Guess we still have some work to do!