10+ Things That Made Absolutely No Sense In 'Gilmore Girls'

For me and many others, Gilmore Girls is comfort food for the soul. The groundbreaking series is both familiar and enticing; as inviting as a warm hug.

But as captivating as it is, there are still a few things I have a difficult time rectifying. Have a look and check out these 10+ things that made absolutely no sense in Gilmore Girls.

Lorelai and Rory's philosophy on spending money.

All throughout the series, especially early on, Lorelai can't help but talk about her money problems. She's so hard done by and strapped for cash.

If that's the case, why were Lorelai and Rory constantly ordering take-out food?

Rory's college dorm room.

I'll admit that I never attended college at Yale, but I think I can say with absolute certainty that their college dorm rooms aren't quite as lavish as we're led to believe.

Nor do they come fully furnished.

For two people who love TV as much as Rory and Lorelai, their system kind of sucks.

Think back and try and remember how often we'd see Lorelai and Rory parked on the couch and totally locked-in to whatever they happened to be watching.

For years, they had only just one tiny TV. Was that seriously all they could manage?

The fact that Michael was never fired.

Michael wasn't just a horrible employee — he was downright rude!

Who in their right mind would put up with that kind of blatant insubordination? And why when it came time for Michael to leave did Lorelai act as if the world was coming to an end?

The weather in Stars Hollow

Keep in mind that Stars Hollow is set in Connecticut. If that's true, why does everybody seem to make such a giant fuss when it snows — shouldn't they be used to it?

And how come it only ever seems to snow once or twice a year?

Rory choosing to go to Yale for college.

You don't live your entire life cheering for the Boston Red Sox only to wake up one morning and say "I think I'll try my hand at being a Yankees fan today!"

Rory got into Harvard and it was her dream school, so why pivot to go to Yale?!

The fact that nobody seemed to care that Lorelai repeatedly broke off her engagements.

You may as well call Lorelai Julia Roberts because she's a Runaway Bride.

Seriously though, at what point does Rory say "hey mom, I think you might have a problem..."?

How did Rory always find time for breakfast?

To ride the bus to Chilton one-way takes at least an hour. Yet hardly an episode goes by where we don't see Rory enjoying a nice breakfast at Luke's Diner.

How does she manage to find the time?

The layout of Stars Hollow in general.

Let me get this straight: you can easily walk to Luke's Diner but you have to drive in order to get to the Dragonfly Inn?

How does that make any sense at all; am I missing something?

The Dragonfly Inn becoming financially viable.

Lorelai operates a B&B with a considerably large staff and has at most ten rooms at her disposal.

Last I checked, tourists aren't clamoring to discover the sites and sounds of Stars Hollow, so how does Lorelai make ends meet?

Rory being named Valedictorian at Chilton.

If my memory serves me correctly, Rory was practically failing-out of school.

Sure, she could have pulled up her socks and buttoned-down as time went on, but there's no way that she would have been able to edge out Paris.

Do Lorelai and Rory have a shopping addiction?

I only ask because throughout the course of the series, neither Lorelai nor Rory seem to ever repeat an outfit; not even so much as a favorite pair of jeans.

Where are they storing these clothes? What do their closets look like?

The insane amount of coffee that was consumed throughout the series.

According to Refinery29, Lorelai and Rory consumed more than five hundred cups of coffee between the two of them over the course of Gilmore Girls.

That's more than six 8oz cups of coffee every single day for seven years.

Rory never learning from any of her past mistakes or indiscretions.

I hate to have to say this but Rory is kind of horrible when it comes to relationships.

She's slept with a married man and an engaged man (in the revival). Rory also had a boyfriend at the time.

The fact that nobody seemed to care that Jackson lied about getting a vasectomy.

He promised Sookie that he'd get it taken care of and instead lured her into a false sense of security in order to trick her into getting pregnant.

At the time, Gilmore Girls was considered a progressive and feminist series. It's odd that they'd neglect to address this.