11+ Ikea Furniture Hacks Created By Clever Minds

Ikea has proven to be the go-to furniture store for those on a budget. Its success can partially be credited to the fact their pieces can be interchangeable. And they also have unfinished pieces that you can customize yourself.

That and all those options have folks coming back time and time again. There are even plenty of Ikea furniture hacks. Here are just a few of them.

1. This Display Rack

This person built a shelf to hold their partner’s tiny Nintendo toys. They put it in a RIBBA 19”x 19” frame. She also had bought two LUSTIGT shelves to have enough ladders. This is absolutely insane! Right?

2. This Cat Bunk Bed

If your cat is always sleeping on your bed, that's because he deserves a bed of his own. What about if you have two cats? Well, you can build them this bunkbed using Ikea's DUKTIG doll bed. Wow!

3. These Phone Holders

If you also don't allow cell phones at your dinner table, get a load of this idea here. This lady used the FJANTIG towel hooks in a completely new way. How totally adorable is this? OMG!

4. This Stacked MCM Dupe Dresser

Swipe through to see how this stacked dresser started. This person didn't want to spend around $500 for it, so they decided to improvise. They used two of Ikea's RAST three-drawer chests — and voilà! Magic happened!

5. This MALM Makeover

Would you have guessed this was once a plain MALM chest? Oh, no, sir! Now it looks absolutely fabulous. I don't really know how this person did it, but I sure am impressed. Who else is with me?

6. This Table Top

Would you believe me if I told you somebody transformed their simple LACK side table into the best one I've ever seen? Well, you don't have to. You can see it as clear as day here.

7. This Kitchen Peninsula

This person salvaged a scuffed HEMNES dresser and turned it into the most fabulous kitchen peninsula. I have to say I would never have expected that. What do you think about this transformation here? Do you love it?

8. These Plant Shelves

You, too, can make something amazing from the famous Ikea spice shelves. How would you like to create cute floating wall plant shelves like these ones? I'm so totally doing this one day when I have the perfect space.

9. This TROFAST Facelift

Check out this cool video that shows you exactly how one lady transformed two TROFAST toy storage cabinets into one fabulous one. I'm really impressed by what she did here — and I think you will be, too.

10. This Nintendo-Inspired Dresser

OMG, what in the heck I'm looking at here? Somebody painted their Ikea KULLEN drawer to look like the Nintendo NES system for their son's room. I say those are some great parents right there.

11. This Cat Feeding Station

Wowza! Is this not the most genius idea for a cat feeding station? I think so! This person used the KALLAX shelf to build it. I have to admit I love everything about it. I will definitely steal this idea!

12. This Recycling Station

Check out this idea, somebody had to reuse Ikea's famous rainbow STORSTOMMA bags. They created this wall-mounted recycling station. When the bags get full, they take them down to the main recycling bins. I'm totally digging this concept.

13. This Portable Kitchen Island

Do you have a kitchen island? If you do, I'm so jealous of you. We don't have space for one. But how about creating a detachable and portable one? You can hack this Ikea piece to make your own.

Wow, I have to admit I'm pretty blown away by all these ideas here.

I wish I had mad DIY skills like these people. Have you ever unusually hacked an IKEA furniture piece? I need to know all the deets ASAP.