A large sinkhole
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20 People Who Found Ways To Make Home Ownership Weirdly Complicated

Home ownership is a goal that's nearly universal. After all, we all want a comfortable place to lay our heads, free of landlords and weird neighbors.

But owning a home is no walk in the park. Owning comes with problems that never come up for renters. So if you're priced out of the current house market, check out these pics. They might help you feel better.

"The outside of my father's house."

Inconsistent bricks on a wall
reddit | Theboreddork

Here's a challenge: try to find one small part of this wall that looks like it's aligned correctly. I don't think there is one.

"The city using my whole yard for the demolition of the two neighboring houses next door."

A yard dominated by demolition equipment
reddit | TacospacemanII

OP wrote that the city is not only utilizing their yard for demolition work, they're planning on bringing dumpsters in, too. Fun!

"A crappy house."

A house with an unusual layout
reddit | juareno

There's nothing like having a big common area with a brick fireplace and, uh, some kind of square checkpoint building within it.

"My house has a 3rd balcony that you can’t even get on unless you open the window."

A balcony only accessible through a window
reddit | Kerotysia

It's one thing to have to climb through a window to get to an normally inaccessible area. But this is intended as a balcony. It shouldn't be so hard to access.

"Privacy? Never heard of her. Only showers with full viewing windows in this house."

A shower with no privacy in a common area
reddit | ctomp8

I don't know why people don't go for showers with frosted glass. It helps with privacy, there's no curtain required, and it hides soap scum to boot.

"$800k brand new house for sale with half its yard taken up by utility pole."

A front yard dominated by a utility pole
reddit | wyrdwarrior

Utility poles have to go somewhere, I get it. But this one is really getting up close and personal with the house it's sharing a lot with.

"My backyard fed all of its snow into my driveway."

Snow spilling onto a driveway
reddit | william1Bastard

The fun thing about this is the knowledge that literally every time there's a significant snowfall, this will happen.

"No internet since yesterday around 5p at my parents' place. My sis is visiting & was on the phone with ISP all morning then went out to discover Dad (he's 82 y/o) had cut away about 40ft of coax cable that was snaked around the house so he could tie something up in the yard yesterday."

Cut coaxial cable
reddit | oom-foo-foo

There's nothing that strikes more terror into my heart than a severed internet cable. I guess 82-year-olds don't feel this anxiety.

"Dog sitting / house sitting for a week. They told me to keep the dogs in the basement."

A basement destroyed by dogs
reddit | 2xxChromosone

It's absolutely wild how any dog, no matter how big or small, can absolutely rip the stuffing out of everything within range.

"I pass this house every day on my way back and forth to work. Why?"

A house with an elevated door and no steps
reddit | GrammaMcFancy

I thought the awkward front door was the worst part of this property, but then I saw the peaked roof.

"Gate I found in somebody's yard."

A gate with no fence
reddit | PlayingPiggy

I'm assuming there was once a fence attached to this, but it's more fun to imagine that it's always been a lone gate, connected to nothing.

"Cans from past owners keep surfacing on my land, which I've owned for more than a decade. This was on a highly trafficked yard. It's like they just pop out of the ground."

Old beer cans surfacing in a yard
reddit | rasta4eye

If something was going to come out of the ground, it would be a lot more cool if it was something more valuable than old beer cans.

"Exhaust fan switch in corner of ceiling, behind a stacked washer and dryer that you need a long stick to turn on."

An awkwardly placed switch
reddit | THETennesseeD

It's clear that house builders sometimes install things with absolutely no thought put into their utility.

"A DIY shower I saw while house hunting."

An ugly DIY shower
reddit | KarensVictim

I'm sure the person who made this started with the best of intentions, but things went downhill pretty quickly.

"My neighbor’s dryer dumps lint directly into my side yard. Lots more lint on the ground."

Dryer lint falling on a yard
reddit | TheBurntHam

That dryer lint has to go somewhere. It's just unfortunate that 'somewhere' is this person's yard.

"The neighbors cut down the shade trees in my yard without permission and now I have to look at their ugly ass garage which was not visible before."

An ugly backyard
reddit | MRooty59

There's nothing like trading privacy and shade for a nice view...not that this is a particularly nice view.

"A car drove into my living room today."

A destroyed room after a car drove into it
reddit | casedia

If you ever saw the Kool-Aid man burst through a wall in an old ad, just know that this can happen in real life, just with cars.

"Not sure what the thinking is here."

A fence with a weird gate
reddit | FunboyFrags

Gates don't need to be door-height. They should be fence-height. If they're not, things just look weird. It's not that difficult — gates didn't need to be re-invented or anything.

"Found a slight sinkhole in my backyard one week into owning my first property."

A large sinkhole
reddit | beenseanbean

The thing about sinkholes is that you never know there's one in your yard until you fall right into it.

"Owners are demoing their brand new house and starting over because they didn't like it."

House undergoing demolition
reddit | brassakabruce

It's hard to imagine the kind of wealth someone would need to have to go to this effort, isn't it?