16+ Times People Had Hilarious Problems On Their Hands

We all have moments where we encounter a problem or situation that is so strange or downright daft that we just have to laugh.

So, from finding somewhat critical messages from your siblings to God to dogs with the worst haircuts that you have ever seen, here are 16+ times people had hilarious problems on their hands!

"Was going through old family files and found this lovely keepsake, written by my eldest sister..."

I wonder if God did intervene and make the sisters less annoying or if they persisted?

"Welcome to Jurassic Park!"

"Pfft, how funny, someone must have hacked that construction sign."

*Furious screeching and stomping!

"Or not..."

"One of my neighbor writes weekly jokes for us. This one made me chuckle."

Fifteen minutes for a whole bottle of wine? Jesus, is this amateur hour? Get a shift on!

"Found this hanging up at my vet's office."

I wonder how old the kid was when they drew this. Well, I say "kid," it could have been the vet that drew this just last week.

"I hate when that happens."

Worryingly, another person also added that, "I used to work in a bar and can confirm this happens more than you would think."

"My damn cat brought me these tiny keys. From where? What are they for? It's going to bug me all day."

I don't think that I would be able to rest until I found whatever tiny lock they unlock. Either that or I'd just launch them out of a window, out of sight out of mind.

For In Case Of A Fire...

It is always important to have a fully functioning smork alam in your house to warn you in case of...well, smork, I guess?

"The was on the whiteboard outside of radiology at my vet hospital."

Thankfully, someone did have a little tip for dealing with this, as they explained, "I have found that the best way to refuse the amount of fog on my glasses is to put the mask on tight and put the glasses on top of the mask."

"Cat with a bowl cut."

Christ, and with most bad haircuts you can just wait for them to grow out, but this little guy has no such luck with that!

"My bedroom floor was built with a dip in it for no reason."

This is such an unnecessary complicated way for this door to open into this room, I love it. But, I know that it would do my head in if I had to live with it.

"Special sanitizer!"

"I wouldn't use that sanitizer if I were you Dave."

"You do know that this is just a joke right, it's meant to say 'Rub onto hands until dry'?"

"Oh...please excuse me."

"This crooked football field..."

"Dave, are you sure you're in a fit state to be drawing these lines? How many pints did you have with lunch?"


"That's what I thought."

"My mom swore she already made me a waffle, but we couldn't find it. So she made another one and I grabbed a fork..."

Well this is clearly the waffle draw, there shouldn't be forks in here at all. Keep your waffles in a draw of their own!

"My 2-year-old granddaughter made some play-dough cookies 'with candles on them.'"

Sure, "candles." I wonder if they displayed these delightful cookies around the house for visitors to see?

Owning A Cat 101...

It really is the amount of productive things that I manage to talk myself out of because there is a small furry animal sat on me that will get mildly angry if I move it.

This Dog Throws Bricks!

I always thought that birds pooping on your car was the most annoying thing that an animal could do to your car, but a dog dropping massive bricks on your bonnet would blow that out the water I think.

"A lady posted this on a 'DIY doodle grooming' FB page and said they think they messed up. I cannot stop laughing."

Oh wow, that is one hell of a terrible look for that poor dog! Fair play though he seems pretty positive about it.

"Cleaned out the attic and discovered rats had eaten my 81 Dodgers baseball. Fernando, LaSorda, Stewart, Sax, Koufax...Damn."

Now that has got to sting. Rats have no appreciation for sentimental possessions, they just see materials for nests...or food.

"Anyone lose their boat on I 90?"

You would have thought that someone may have noticed that their entire damn boat was no longer attached to the back of their truck!

"Found at Nottingham Forest stadium..."

Yeah, that is one of those things that once you have noticed it you can never stop staring at. Hopefully once fans are allowed back in the stadium it will be covered and people can go back to pretending that it doesn't exist.