14+ Things That Aren't About To Win Any Prizes

It's easy to take for granted just how well our modern conveniences (usually) function. Just think of the internet you're using, or the climate control you're enjoying, or the car you drive. Sometimes, though, human ingenuity has a way of reaching a dead end.

There is no try.

Reddit | Icy-Ad4921

Look, if you want people to heed the instructions on your box, you need to communicate directly. This Yoda stuff isn't going to cut it.

Room with a view.

Reddit | iamthedan89

This is one of those situations where advertising a 'window office' may technically be true, but still doesn't feel correct.


Reddit | WebRedditor

It shouldn't be that hard to get a bunch of people to stand in a tidy grid pattern for one pic, but the Bucs evidently had other ideas.

The colors...

Reddit | brenduvas

Hot sauce is red, while mustard is yellow. That doesn't seem to matter to whoever manufactured these incorrectly-colored condiment packets.

The saddest cheese fries.

Reddit | MrCopperYT

Cheese fries aren't exactly a highbrow item, but that doesn't mean they can't be done well. When they're done poorly, the results are just depressing.

Fixed it.

Reddit | anyaeversong

This is one of those ideas that probably feels really smart because it technically works. That said, I don't think it'll stand up to the test of time.


Reddit | Ho0dieMelo

This de-motivational sign is actually supposed to encourage people, telling them that they matter, and not to give up. Somehow the message got lost, though.

It's all an illusion.

Reddit | YeetAmoghYeet

We've all seen those multi-use waste bins with separate containers for garbage and recycling. This isn't an example of one of those bins.

You can't buy taste.

Reddit | dylanjiao11

This watch is worth two million dollars, which seems like a lot for a bunch of gaudy gems. Looks really hard to tell time, too.

I'll try to obey.

Reddit | theoceanisdeep

Could they have just made this speed limit either 15 or 16 miles per hour? Adhering to that 7/8 limit is going to be tough.


Reddit | metal_mastery

This car was clearly in quite a scrape. Rather than taking it to the body shop, the driver's done the next best thing: flex tape.

The worst drain.

Reddit | jonnisaesipylsur

Sometimes you see drains like this, ones that are elevated a good few inches above any possible puddles, and you just have to shake your head.

botk nooe.

Reddit | japanese_thistle

This is a notebook, right? It probably would have been helpful if the text read 'notebook' and not 'botk nooe'.

Not how you cat.

Reddit | [user]

This 2,000-year-old cat-themed geoglyph can be found in Peru's Nazca lines. I wonder if cats really looked like this back then.

Now it fits.

Reddit | shoe_scuff

This monitor was a little too big for this workstation, so obviously they just...cut a hole in the workstation.

Sounds yummy.

Reddit | DerEineDa

I get that there's zero sugar in this soda syrup, but did they really have to advertise 'zero taste' as well?

Look how they massacred my boy.

Reddit | darkpandalex

I can appreciate even the ugliest cookies, but these pink and black monstrosities look a little too unappetizing even for me.

Looks sturdy.

Reddit | AirportHanger

This big, heavy lamp post is secured above a busy expressway using a couple of straps. That ought to hold.

As good as printed.

Reddit | speederaser

Some employee decided to save time by just etching out the QR codes. That's how QR codes work, right?

Wet butt bench.

Reddit | BedrockPanda

These benches look nice enough, but no one ever sits in them because there's no way to drain the water and dead leaves out.