I REFUSE To Let My BF Call My House 'Ours' - Am I Being Selfish? 🏠💔

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Buckle up, folks! 🚨 We've got a juicy tale of a newly single mom 🤱 who just scored her dream house 🏠 and is ready to start fresh. But wait, there's a twist! 😱 Her boyfriend of two years is getting a little too comfy, calling it "our" house and leaving his stuff everywhere. 🧳 Is he trying to sneakily move in? 🕵️‍♂️ Or is our leading lady just not ready to share her space? 🙅‍♀️ Get ready for some serious boundary-pushing drama! 🍿

🏠 New House, New Life... But Not So Fast! 😬

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🎉 From Renting to Owning - A Proud Momma Moment! 🙌

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🏆 This House is More Than Just Four Walls 🌟

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💔 Stressful Marriages Leave Their Mark 😔

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🤔 He Wants to Shack Up, She's Not Ready 🚫

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👦 Boyfriend and Kids Get Along, But... 😕

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🎸 It Started With Clothes, Now It's a Whole Band Setup! 🎹

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😠 'Our' House, 'Our' Bed, 'Our' Kids... Hold Up! 🛑

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🌙 When the Kids Are Away, the Boyfriend Wants to Play 🙄

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😤 Boyfriend Gets Heated Over 'Ours' Debate 🔥

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🤷‍♀️ Am I Being Selfish for Not Wanting to Share? 🙍‍♀️

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🙏 Supportive Comments Lead to Solo Soul-Searching 🧘‍♀️

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📦 Packing Up His Stuff for Some Much-Needed Me Time! 💅

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🚨 Boyfriend Overstepping Boundaries or Loving Gesture Gone Wrong? 😬

Well, well, well... looks like our leading lady is in quite the pickle! 🥒 She's finally got her dream home 🏠, but her boyfriend seems to think it's "our" house now. 😒 He's leaving his stuff everywhere and always hanging around when the kids are gone. 🙄 She just wants some alone time, but he's not having it! 😤 The internet has spoken, and it's clear she needs to set some serious boundaries. 📏 Let's see what the masses have to say about this boundary-pushing beau! 🗣️

Enforcing boundaries in a relationship is important. 🚫🏠

Hi_Im_Dadbot | Hi_Im_Dadbot

NTA. Concerns for BF's living situation, nesting & pushiness. Be careful OP. 👍

boredathome1962 | boredathome1962

Be careful, he might gain tenancy and become difficult to evict 😱

Glassgrl1021 | Glassgrl1021

How about setting boundaries and having some 'me time'?

[deleted] | [deleted]

Don't let him control your home. Make him leave. NTA. 👍

xsmalldragon | xsmalldragon

Concerned commenter questions why OP is with unstable partner.

Heavy_Pipe9387 | Heavy_Pipe9387

Dump him! 🚫👋 Not worth the red flags or sex.

Fennicular | Fennicular

Protecting yourself and kids is not selfish. End it. NTA. 👏

eleanorlikesvodka | eleanorlikesvodka

Concerned commenter warns OP not to let her addict BF take advantage.

chickenfightyourmom | chickenfightyourmom

Establishing boundaries with a 'hobosexual' BF - NTA 👏

Vegetable-Cod-2340 | Vegetable-Cod-2340

Harsh truth: he won't change, consider leaving. 👎

TyrionsCodpiece | TyrionsCodpiece

Red flag alert! Commenter calls out manipulative language tactics. 🚨

NSFWgamerdev | NSFWgamerdev

Setting boundaries is important. NTA. 🚫👥

Semperfi413 | Semperfi413

Red flag alert! Relationship not progressing to desired future. 🚨

sabraham_lincoln | sabraham_lincoln

Your boyfriend seems to be trying to move in. NTA.

Top-Bit85 | Top-Bit85

Setting boundaries is important for your and your children's safety. 💪

Specific_Progress_38 | Specific_Progress_38

Age and career interests raise concerns about the man's intentions 🤔

JulsTiger10 | JulsTiger10

Setting boundaries in a relationship - NTA for standing firm 👏

chapteronetwo | chapteronetwo

Consider red flags, mental health, and future children before committing.

Wise_Entertainer_970 | Wise_Entertainer_970

Sarcastic warning about potential squatter boyfriend. Move on, sis. 👋🏼

ArchSchnitz | ArchSchnitz

Enforcing boundaries and owning your house is NTA 👏

itzmala | itzmala

Setting boundaries is important. NTA's partner's reaction is concerning. ⚠️

DaveWpgC | DaveWpgC

Setting boundaries with partner over shared living space. 💪

APFernweh | APFernweh

Protect your home and your children from addiction and toxicity 🚫

LM1953 | LM1953

Recovering alcoholic offers advice on BF's manipulative behavior. Leave him.

Longjumping_Bid_447 | Longjumping_Bid_447

Suggests time apart to help partner see the seriousness 🙌

TheRealMeetMountain | TheRealMeetMountain

Alcohol misuse red flag. Sobriety and sponsor chip first priority 🚨

Right_Weather_8916 | Right_Weather_8916

Prioritize yourself and kids, set boundaries, avoid unnecessary headache 🙏

Latter-Cost-1331 | Latter-Cost-1331

Setting boundaries is important. NTA. Dodging a bullet 👋

Vannie91 | Vannie91

Is it really about the house or the relationship issues? 🤔

jcclune73 | jcclune73

Red flag boundary stomper established as resident. Get therapy ASAP.

Dachshundmom5 | Dachshundmom5

Red flags and manipulation - time to end the relationship? 🤔

imonbeachtime | imonbeachtime

Protect your space! Set boundaries with your possessive boyfriend 💪

Neeneehill | Neeneehill

Protect your home and family - consult an attorney 💪

CaptKimi57 | CaptKimi57

BF is moving in without officially moving in. Stop him! 🚫

Important_Bother_430 | Important_Bother_430

Red flags: OP's BF leaving valuables, getting packages delivered. Toxic relationship.

Hdaxter13 | Hdaxter13

Setting boundaries in a relationship is important for everyone involved 👍

olmansmit | olmansmit

Harsh but necessary advice for someone in a toxic relationship. 🚫

RaiseIreSetFires | RaiseIreSetFires

Protect your boundaries and take control of your home! 🙌

Kittytigris | Kittytigris

Red flags 🚩 Get him out if not sober & in AA

Blackhawk-388 | Blackhawk-388

Be cautious, he may legally become a tenant without notice 👀

Nice_Feeling4398 | Nice_Feeling4398

Set boundaries early on in a relationship 👍

Strict_Condition_632 | Strict_Condition_632

Harsh truth with a dash of sarcasm. ESH 👎

[deleted] | [deleted]

Don't let anyone destabilize your life, NTA 👏

Used_Mark_7911 | Used_Mark_7911

Protect your property and boundaries to avoid future problems 👍

NWIsteel | NWIsteel

Choosing a partner with mental health and addiction issues - NTA 👍

KezarLake | KezarLake

Don't deal with people who don't take no for an answer 👍

LovedAJackass | LovedAJackass

Don't settle for less, prioritize yourself. 💪

unbeliever87 | unbeliever87

Setting boundaries is important when it comes to sharing space 👍

Much-Independence717 | Much-Independence717

A warning of the dangerous situation the OP is in 😱

bad_robot_monkey | bad_robot_monkey

Boundaries are important in any relationship. NTA 👏

nmeerajasey | nmeerajasey

Don't let him stake his claim too soon 👍


👏 Stand up for your boundaries and kick him out. NTA.

Savings_Summer2608 | Savings_Summer2608

Putting yourself and your children first is key to happiness 👌

Fallout4Addict | Fallout4Addict

Concerned comment calls out problematic relationship - 🚫🍸

AdStandard5060 | AdStandard5060

Setting boundaries with an addict ex-partner 🚫🍺

IllustratorSlow1614 | IllustratorSlow1614

Break it off before he manipulates and pushes his way in. 👍

Peacemkr45 | Peacemkr45

Concerns raised about boyfriend's mental and alcohol issues 🤔

Popular-Jaguar-3803 | Popular-Jaguar-3803

NTA. Beware of manipulative behavior and take a break. 👍

Intimacy4u | Intimacy4u

A cautionary warning about dating someone with an 'alcohol problem'

DaisyDazzle | DaisyDazzle

User calls out OP's 'hobosexual leach' of a boyfriend 😬

No_Cauliflower_5489 | No_Cauliflower_5489

Beware of tenancy laws! Don't let him establish tenancy. Change locks 🔑

sanslenom | sanslenom

Protect your home and your heart. Don't let him in! 👍

Blue-Phoenix23 | Blue-Phoenix23

Protect your children and yourself from toxic living situations. 👏

BulkyCaterpillar4240 | BulkyCaterpillar4240

Boundaries are important. NTA. 🙅‍♀️

AdOne8433 | AdOne8433

Dating an alcoholic parent as a child-free person is risky. 🚫

Aggravating_Meat2101 | Aggravating_Meat2101

Concerned commenter advises ending unhealthy relationship due to age and past.

crunkjuices | crunkjuices

Be cautious of an active addict's words and actions. 🔥

NothingAndNow111 | NothingAndNow111

Red flag recognized and practical advice given. Protect your assets! 👍

EarnestErica | EarnestErica

User questions partner's maturity, advises to stand up for self. NTA 👍

ApproxKnowledgeCat | ApproxKnowledgeCat

From dislike to like: ownership in relationships ❤

jessicamaevh | jessicamaevh

Setting boundaries with possessive partner can lead to controlling behavior

00Lisa00 | 00Lisa00

Red flags: Mental health/alcohol abuse issues and passive moving in 🚨

Unlikely-Housing8223 | Unlikely-Housing8223

NTA. Numerous red flags indicate low value male. End it. 👍

478607623564857 | 478607623564857

Take back your space, NTA. Pack his things and communicate clearly.

Practical_Reindeer23 | Practical_Reindeer23

Protect your space! 🙅🏽‍♀️ Keep your house yours.

gemmygem86 | gemmygem86

Take control of your relationship 💪 with a firm but fair message ✊

tinainmalta | tinainmalta

Single mom defends her right to call her house her own 💪

Phoenix-Jen | Phoenix-Jen

👍Taking control and setting boundaries with a 'hobosexual' boyfriend.

Patient_Gas_5245 | Patient_Gas_5245

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