20 Unexpected Finds That Surprised Us More Than A Random Phone Call From Tom Hanks

It is always exciting to find something new and unexpected when you're out and about...unless that unexpected thing is your old friend Tom who you had nothing in common with cornering you in the supermarket. No one cares about your home-brew ales Tom.

Anyway, Tom aside, please enjoy these 20 unexpected finds that surprised us more than a random phone call from Tom Hanks!

"Found a German copy of Faust in a thrift store today. A handwritten inscription says it was found in a German dug-out in the Argonne, November 1918."

You would absolutely have to purchase that. How often are you going to get the chance to own a book with such an interesting backstory!

"I found plane wreckage while hiking in a state park this weekend."

I bet that this came as something of a surprise. I'm kind of amazed that this had not been cleared away...I mean, state parks are normally quite hot on keeping the park clean.

"Where can I get myself these leggings, so I can roll myself out of bed and to work."

This is one of the finest product reviews that I have ever found on the internet. You would be hard-pushed to find a review that is more effective at getting people to buy a product than this one.

"Finally dug up the slippery stone block outside my door, turns out it was a headstone."

One person did point out, "It looks like it's a columbarium stone. A columbarium is the big wall where ashes are placed in cubbies and a stone is placed over the cubby hole."

"Ain't she a beaut!"

"So, what kind of materials do you want to build this thing out of?"

"All of them."

"Oh, okay. Well, do you have a specific design aesthetic that you want to go for?"

"As I said, all of them."

"Found when moving old bags of leaves. Lived here for 7 years and I don't know Gunner."

I thought that this person had found a pretty big wad of cash here, although they went on to add, "[It was only] 5 bucks, I thought it was more at first because of the fold."

That All Looks Pretty Solid To Me!

It was also pointed out that, if it got a little bit too hot in one of these flats, then you could loosen the straps a bit and let some air in! What a great idea!

"I found a cemented shot glass and bottle full of folded caps."

This is clearly someones retirement fund for when the nuclear apocalypse inevitably happens. They will be rich with bottle caps while everyone else is scrambling through bins!

"The TARDIS on a rooftop in Cambridge, Massachusetts."

"It's been there for years now; not sure who put it there," this person went on to add. Clearly the Doctor has decided to abandon travelling time and space in favour of just chilling out on Earth.

"Finally found you, you son of a bitch."

Waldo's greatest game was dying before he could be truly found. Sure, you found him now, but he died thinking that he had evaded capture for all eternity. What a strange, strange little man he was.

"Check out this extra long squash that I found!"

How do people even go about growing such bizarre vegetables? I can barely get a single carrot to grow whenever I try to grow veg. I think I should just give up at this point.

"This counter-clockwise ticking clock."

Why would anyone want this for their house? It would be funny to confuse someone once sure, but then you would still have to live with a backwards clock for the rest of the damn time.

"This painting in a waiting room is the same print as my phone case."

I mean, this is probably only to be expected if you buy your art from IKEA. Now they just need to make it so that everything matches this pattern...go on, start this needless quest! You know you want to!

"The feet on this bench at my gym look a lot like an impaled iPhone."

It took me a while to realise why this wasn't an iPhone. This is like they have gone out of their way to make this table's feet look like a crushed iPhone.

"The gallstone that was removed with my gallbladder yesterday."

I would never have figured out that this was a gallstone. That has got some size to it now that I look at it. I'm glad that this person is alright now!

"The way the light hits this spiderweb makes it look like a CD-rom."

I am still not convinced that this isn't a CD! This spider just needs tow eave itself a CD player and then it will be able to start burning its own playlists onto these discs.

"I found a keyhole in a brick wall."

Well, I simply must know what this does! Is there a secret door behind this wall, or is this just a keyhole that was put in there to mess with people walking by?

"Some sort of rodent is storing acorns in my car's vent."

As cute as this may be, a lot of people pointed out that this person needs to check their engine right case there is a whole hive of squirrels living in there or something.

"This is a very literal half pint..."

I think that I would prefer to have a normal half-pint glass. I always like it when companies just shrink down the size of their glasses anyway, the half-pint Erdinger glasses are painfully cute.

"I'm not very bright, I needed to compensate."

I couldn't even work out that this was a welding mask at first. The blue screen effect made me think that it was some sort of insane VR setup for a moment. I think I need to get out more.

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