30 Times People Got Stopped In Their Tracks By Something Unexpected

This world is truly filled with unexpected things. Whether they're cool surprises or absolute disappointments, you have to admit that they make life a little more interesting.

These people definitely didn't expect to find these things. They were probably so surprised that they kind of had to take pictures. After all, these could be the kinds of surprises that never happen again.

"The way the tail light refracted a ray of sunlight this morning."

I have to admit, that looks pretty cool. Talk about being in the right place at the right time, though. A few minutes earlier or later and this person probably wouldn't have seen this at all!

"Just saw this guy on the side of the road."

I guess in a way, it's kind of good that this year's Halloween season is over. Seeing people dressed up as Michael Meyers is only acceptable for one day in the year, and every other time it's just creepy.

"I found an inverted ladybug."

Apparently, this is a harlequin ladybug. It's different from the ones we usually see around North America. I still think seeing one of these guys would be good luck, though, so everything is just fine.

"On Halloween, milk spilled in the shape of a ghost."

Whether the spilled milk looks like a ghost, or it's some kind of ambiguous blob, there's no use crying over it. No matter how much you wanted to drink that milk.

"Little piece of my floor came up. Turns out the entire place is lined with 1950s newspaper."

This is neither lucky nor unlucky. It's neither a good or a bad thing. It just sort of exists.

There could be worse things to find under your floor, after all.

"The length of this French fry I found in the kitchen today."

That is one absurdly long French fry. You could probably just cut it in half (or even in thirds!) and it would be, like, a normal-sized fry. But I kind of hope this guy just leaves it as-is.

"Our Halloween candy had all pink Starbursts!"

This is the kind of unexpected event I wish would happen to me every day (even if that means it would be expected after a while... oh well...). Everyone knows the pink Starbursts are the best ones, after all!

"Someone in our neighborhood was passing out plants for Halloween."

Some people out there tend to get creative when it comes to trick-or-treating. That isn't always a good thing, but in this case I think it's pretty cool. I'd go trick-or-treating again if people were handing out plants and stuff.

"Today I learned that Crayola makes gummies, they taste just like their Crayons!"

Yeah, I just don't get this. Is it going to cause people to try and eat their crayons, or will it keep people from trying to eat crayons because they can eat the gummies instead?

"They used Thor for the example ID."

There's a lot to unpack here. First of all, they used Thor the character, instead of just making it Chris Hemsworth. Also, if we go by this information, then he apparently lives in Ohio, and his middle name is Thunder.

"A herd of wild trucks sleeping on the side of the road during their yearly migration to Wisconsin."

I'm assuming that, whatever happened to these trucks, the drivers are fine. But... what did happen to these trucks? And why are there so many of them off to the side of the road like that? So strange.

"While boarding my plane, police asked me to take this fake money so they could train the dog to sniff it! 10/10 good boy."

I'm so glad that this dog is getting in all the training it needs, even if it comes from the police giving random citizens fake money. A strange practice, but it must be an effective one.

"My glasses came with instructions."

I wonder if this glasses manufacturer was just being cheeky, or if they genuinely need to remind people where glasses go. I'm hoping the former, but you just never know with some people. I wouldn't be surprised if someone out there needed the reminder.

"We found this lost Ewok-looking dog today."

This is definitely the last thing I'd ever expect to encounter in a day. On the plus side, though, OP confirmed that they were able to find the owners of this incredibly strange-looking yet super adorable dog.

"This skull nestled in the corner of a building."

Hidden Halloween decoration, or mysterious object that hangs around year-round? I... honestly can't tell. Either way, it's kind of cool. You know, in a spooky way.

Assuming it's a fake skull, of course...

"The mold aged well."

In most cases, mold isn't just gross, it's dangerous. But, I think we can let it slide, just this once. After all, it makes the jack-o-lantern look so much creepier than any hand carving could do.

"This guy at a Starbucks reading the paper… from 1963."

Something about the way this guy is reading a more than half-century old paper while wearing a hoodie underneath a jacket is incredibly suspicious. I bet you anything he's a time traveler or something.

"This DeLorean I found in the wild."

Oh hey, speaking of time traveling. It looks like someone took a note form Back to the Future and is about to go back to the 80s. Or... maybe they came from the '80s. Time travel is so confusing.

"Candle fell apart on the coffee table last night."

Some call it a candle that came apart, but I call it modern art. Seriously, this thing looks like it could be part of a museum exhibit or an art gallery. And honestly, it's not like it's any good as a candle anymore, anyway.

"I noticed about half an hour ago while I was in the bath that the flames of my candle were weirdly audible and then finally emerged to find this???"

That looks more like an incredibly small bonfire than a candle. Which is, like, genuinely concerning. Better snuff that thing out before it takes the bathroom with it.

"My friend was showing me how to fix something in a car, and when we opened the hood of his car, we found a donut."

I'm sure that the guy who owns the car must've left that donut in there the last time he was doing maintenance under the hood. This is still a super strange thing to find in a car, though.

...I really hope they didn't decide to eat it.

"The 20 year old tree planted when I was born got uprooted in a wind storm back home last night."

You know that, when your tree topples over, the wind from whatever storm just hit was probably super strong. Well, either that, or the tree itself was kind of a weakling. Either way, it'll probably keep growing if they let it.

"My shower was leaking so I tried to see if I could fix it. I broke it instead."

Don't you hate it when you try to save money by attempting to do a simple repair yourself, only to make things worse? At least you can shower with a leaky shower. I see a lot of over-the-sink sponge baths in this person's future.

"Heavy rain last night made my wall 3D."

Yeah... I'd probably rather have a broken shower than this. If the paint on your walls is starting to bubble... you're in big trouble. Some repair man somewhere is probably jumping for joy right now.

The way the foam on the side of this mug looks like the world.

It's crazy how that foam looks exactly like the world mad, from the Americas all the way to Asia and Australia. If I squint closely enough, I can see where my house is!

"Amazon delivered me an empty package that wasn't even sealed, no game today..."

As someone who loves getting things in the mail, this one hurts. All that excitement, just to end up with a completely empty package. This is just so sad.

"I knocked over water on a paint kit I’d worked on for a week."

Funny enough, I don't actually think the spilled water ruins the painting. If anything, it kind of makes it more interesting, like it has clouds on it.

Hopefully it won't get worse when it dries, though...

"Well I guess I'm not taking out the trash tonight."

I think, at this point, we should just expect that racoons are everywhere. After all, they really are everywhere. And as cute as they may be, you probably shouldn't get too close to one.

"My girlfriend has eaten waffles for the last 2 last days. Today when I was putting the syrup away I noticed that it was full of dozens of dead ants. Should I tell her?"

The correct answer to this is to throw the bottle away and never talk about it again. What she doesn't know won't hurt her.

"I dropped the sea monkeys on moving day."

Rest in peace, brave sea monkeys. They didn't even know what was coming. The end of an era. Truly tragic.

This would be a really weird thing to explain to people as they're moving things out of there.

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