20 Funny Pics Of People Breezing Through Life To The Beat Of Their Own Drum

Making your own individual choices in life is part of the joy of existence. However, some of the choices that people make are slightly weirder than other people's choices!

So, from people who relished leaving notes in a horrific medium to individuals who made cakes that begged for their own demise, here are are 20 funny pics of people breezing through life to the beat of their own drum.

"They saw nothing wrong with parking right there."

Whoever left their car right there is just the worst kind of person. Imagine being that much of an asshat that you didn't see anything wrong with this. Hopefully their car got scratched to all hell.

"This teacher projects his face during exams..."

It would be even better if he had also made it so that this head would say things like, "Silence!" and "Keep your eyes to your own work!" That would be absolutely terrifying.

"My daughter drew a picture of me today. Have to say, it is pretty accurate!"

The fact that he has managed to take flight from the force of his farts is nothing short of being incredibly impressive. Also, the fact that he can clearly do the splits is a fantastic achievement!

"Tried making a frog cake for my bf, I think he's gonna leave me."

They certainly do look like they are begging for the sweet release of death if nothing else. I hope that it tasted better than it looked, which I am sure that it must have.

"This plumber's rates..."

I mean, I think that most people will have to pay the "If you worked on it first" charge! What kind of person doesn't at least try to fumble their way through a fix before calling a professional.

"I have questions..."

"Can you tell me why you pulled me over please officer?"

"I think you know why, sir. Let's just go right ahead and open up the back of the vehicle."

"But I..."

"I said, let's go right ahead and open up the back of the vehicle!"

"Apparently my daughter is good at science."

That is some level of confidence that this kid has managed to give off at such a young age! Although, all that this is going to do is cause their teacher to make the work harder!

Calling All Thunderbirds!

Of all of the things that I expected to see today, a car that is modded up to look like Thunderbird 2 was not up there! I actually kind of cannot help but love this! It's pretty fantastic!

"Absolutely deranged..."

I have so many questions about this thing. Firstly, why does this exist? Secondly, why would anyone ever want to buy this? Finally, what is the deal with the raised foot imprint in the middle of the seat?!

"I found this beauty a while back..."

It took me a little while to see where Gandalf was in this Cheeto. The internet really can be a wild place from time to time, can't it? I would love to know if anyone actually bought it.

"Allison living her best life."

Allison appears to be losing her mojo a bit in recent years. You need to step your game back up again Allison! Although, she was still in a relationship for over 50% of the years mentioned, so she's not doing too bad overall.

"Introducing... Pilk!"

"From the name and packaging I first thought they had found a way to turn peas into milk. Like oatmilk or almondmilk and so on," wrote one person. However, milk made from peas is just mushy peas, isn't it?

"Sign tonight at my local Waffle House."

Imagine working somewhere so relaxed that you could just turn up hammered, sleep it off, and then start working when you felt like it. The hangovers would kill you eventually.

"'A Villain's To-Do List' — courtesy of my 5 year old."

A lot of people were quite confused about what "Cannon people" meant. The person who posted this responded by writing, "My only guess is she got that from a cartoon where they shot someone out of a canon. But I'll have to ask her."

"First they took your daylight, next they'll take your freedom!"

The little desperate line that reads, "Please God I just want to see the sun," really got me. I always forget when Daylight Saving is and end up being an hour out for everything.

"Duct Tales!"

But, muffling the sound so that you cannot hear what is actually going wrong is the main way to fix things isn't it? It is the same reason as to why most people drink alcohol...which was a pretty heavy statement now that I think about it.

"Aggressive honking sounds..."

Anyone who didn't honk when they read this is either lying or just a soulless human being. Having this sign on your car would get really annoying due to the constant honking sounds you would be subjected to, surely?

"That is some pretty stellar marketing!"

That is definitely one way to catch people's eye when you are on the road. Although, why has he taken his trousers off to use the toilet and then put his boots back on?

"My partner left potato chip crumbs in the sink last night, so I sent him this."

I doubt that this person's partner is going to notice this message. This person needs to write it in much bigger letters! Start crumbling up more chips!

"A very literal half pint!"

I know for a fact that I would have knocked that over almost immediately. It does not look like the most sturdy of glasses and the shape of it is kind of messing with my depth perception.

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