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Bride Gets Shamed After Telling Fiancé She Doesn't Want His Grandmother At Their Wedding

When a couple is planning their wedding, many of them discuss who they want to invite and who they want to leave out of the guest list. Weddings are very expensive and many times, couples want to cut their costs by having less people attend the reception, as they charge per person per plate. Not to mention, wedding receptions are one, giant party.

Many couples opt to not have kids at their wedding because of this.

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Kids running around, or crying can be a huge damper on a couple's day. Some couples decide to not have any kids are their wedding so that everyone can drink, party, dance, and not worry about their kids running around all night.

Other times, it seems that some couples may feel like not having "elderly people" either.

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While it's not a common occurrence, it turns out that some couples want to forgo having older guests at their wedding, in case the music is too loud or the night is too long.

One Reddit user recently stumbled upon this very issue with her soon-to-be husband.

The Reddit user was seeking advice as to whether or not she was "wrong" for her stance.

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"We've agreed to not have kids at our wedding, as we want the reception to be a huge party for your adult friends and family with dancing, loud music and an open bar.

However, for precisely the same reasons that we don't want kids there, I don't want his elderly grandmother at our wedding either," she wrote.

The bride said that she doesn't want his grandmother there because the "music will be too loud."

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"I said she can come to the ceremony but not the reception. It will be extremely loud and I want it to be a party atmosphere, and she will be extremely out of place.

For context, none of my grandparents are still alive, and he still has his last living grandmother," she continued.

She said that it's put a huge wedge between her and her fiancé.

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The bride-to-be said that she and her fiancé have been fighting nonstop about this because his grandmother really wants to be at the wedding. However, the bride stands by having her at the ceremony and not at the reception, as she'll be "out of place."

The bride said she wants to "have fun and let loose with her friends."

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She thinks that having his grandmother at their wedding will cause them to have to "take care of her" and will put a damper on their day.

Now her fiancé is not speaking to her and is incredibly angry with her.

She asked Reddit if she's "wrong" for her take on this.

"You’re hearing the love of your life say this is important. You’re hearing someone really important to your partner say this is important.

And you’re putting getting drunk ahead of that?" one person commented, saying this person is totally wrong.

Others said this would be enough to "call off the wedding."

"She’s not a kid and you won’t have to take care of her. Honestly this would be enough for me to call the wedding off. Get over yourself," one person wrote.

Others said this bride sounds "heartless, shallow, selfish and cruel."

Another shared an anecdote to hopefully change the bride's mind.

"My sister had her grandmother in law at the wedding, it was very much a nightime dance party type thing. Lots of younger men fawned over her and one kept dancing old fashionedy with her.

The old lady died the next year and had mentioned the wedding often and how much fun she had," they said.

Do you think the bride is wrong?

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