15+ Things That Had Never Occurred To Us

Whether the wheels are always turning in your head or you mind is like a ripple-free ocean, there will always be stuff you haven't realized or thought about.

Fortunately, it doesn't need to occur to you organically. If you look at enough pics on the internet, this stuff will come to you automatically.

Dripping down.

Reddit | LucioFer95

Many of the pics on this list are a bit silly, but let's start with one that's pure genius. Water is often in short supply at work sites, so this portable toilet has a unique feature.

They're not wrong.

Reddit | ChillyIcy

Limbo is one of those things that seems fun until you're wrenching your back, falling backward, and smashing the back of your head into the ground and getting a concussion. Here's limbo for the masses.

Kids these days.

Reddit | Vrdrago

Look, I understand that using the hole in a soda can isn't always the most satisfying experience, but it sure beats cutting up your lips on a jagged edge.

Sweet ride.

Ride-on lawnmowers are pretty cool, but how about a...ride-on...wheelbarrow...snowblower...go-kart? Yeah, I'm not sure about this one either. This guy gets an A for effort, though.

Best value?

Reddit | swastawa

This token machine is just preying on people who are terrible at math. Why spend $40 on 180 tokens when you could spend $20 for a hundred, then do it again?

A touch of class.

Reddit | ksikka

I'm not so sure that vehicles need ornate, Sistine Chapel-esque roofs. But after seeing this example, I'm oddly intrigued by the idea.

Yes, you can do that.

Reddit | kloodge

Maybe this person runs a horse ranch. Maybe they just play a lot of Red Dead Redemption. Either way, this is nice and legal.


Reddit | N0VAF0XX

This person fixed their headphones with metal siding and duct tape. Speaking as someone who's used just duct tape, the metal siding seems like a good idea.

Really doesn't satisfy.

Reddit | Ron_Simmons_wwe

Those hucksters at Snickers are apparently just putting air in a fun-sized wrapper, sealing it, and calling it a day. I want my tiny Snickers bar, darn it.

Water feature.

Reddit | AmateurConcept

Sure, it looks like a bunch of empties that someone discarded on a garden. But for someone who really likes both plants and Stella, it's art.

We've all been there.

Reddit | piayafuee

Have you ever gone a little while without a date, when suddenly everything makes you think of your love life? Yeah, uh, me neither.


Reddit | Wyevez

Yeah, a big ugly dowel might not be the most aesthetically pleasing choice for a kitchen faucet, but if it works, it works.

Surprise shield.

Reddit | SecondCentury

Wouldn't it be fun if money was like a jigsaw puzzle? It's kind of a weird idea, but they're pulling it off in the U.K.

Perfect for sushi boats.

Reddit | libertetrading

This raw wood table is absolutely gorgeous. Putting a full-blown river in the middle of it seems like overkill, but it's a free country.

No need for a phone holder.

Reddit | Iwanttoplaytoo

Phone holders cost big money — like, five dollars, or maybe up to seven in some cases. This ingenious person just saved five dollars.

Portable bunkhouse.

Reddit | trashpanda1993

Lots of people repurpose old schoolbuses to use as living quarters. These buses aren't repurposed as much as they're Frankensteined together, but it's still a cool idea.

Get cracking.

Reddit | Iwanttoplaytoo

Glasses wearers know how uncomfortable it can be when they lose a nose pad. As it turns out, you can just use a couple of pistachio shells.

Outdoor grilling.

Reddit | PizzaThrowingWW

Those little barbecues might not be as satisfying as their larger cousins, but you can make the experience feel more real by mounting one on a massive frame.

Don't look down.

Reddit | AmericaRUserious

You're looking at a patch of grass, directly next to Niagara Falls, that's freshly mown. That means someone regularly needs to go right to the precipice and cut the grass.

Packing peanuts.

Reddit | ekim065

Yes, these packing peanuts are, uh, literal peanuts that are being used as packing peanuts. It's a sodium-dense way to keep things safe in transit.

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