People Are Realizing There's A Hidden Opening To Properly Clean Glass Oven Doors

I don't know about you, but I feel a lot better when I thoroughly clean my house. There's something in the air that happens after that. Oh, yes, it smells fresh, ha, ha!

So anyway, I have a cool hack that you probably didn't know about. It has to do with your oven and a new way to clean it. Check it out.

I've shared with you a few cleaning hacks that a professional cleaner shows on TikTok.

Unsplash | Solen Feyissa

Vanesa Amaro is the queen when it comes to various clever cleaning hacks. And now she's showing up something else she's got up her sleeve.

This time, she's teaching us how to properly clean our oven.

Unsplash | Toa Heftiba

But I'm not talking about the typical way you're used to doing it. Oh, no, no. Vanesa has found a way to clean the area between the glass panels.

OMG, what? Yes, that's right.

You can clean that area, too. First, you need to remove the drawer beneath the stove. Then when you put your hand in there, you will feel an opening. See, where I'm going with this?

No? Not yet? Okay.

You can actually insert something in there so you can clean the glass from the inside. Oh my goodness. That's pretty genius. Don't you think? I definitely thought so when I saw her video on TikTok.

But don't stick just anything in there, hee-hee.

You will need some kind of a long duster or a microfibre cloth attached to a stick. Next, you will need to spray the duster with your favorite cleaning agent. Now, let's go.

Stick the duster in the opening and move it from side to side.

And that's how you clean it. You're welcome. Well, actually, you will need to thank Vanesa for this handy tip. After all, she is the professional cleaner.

As it turns out, I'm not the only one who had no idea about this.

People on TikTok freaked out when they saw Vanesa's video. None of them knew that there were openings where you can insert a cleaning apparatus.

Some folks even joked that Vanesa is giving them more work now that they found out about it.

Shhh, I won't tell your husband if you don't tell mine. That way, you can do it or not. The choice is yours, ha, ha!

So let me ask you: Did you know about this trick?

I had no idea. Leave it to Vanesa, the cleaner extraordinaire, to blow our minds once again. I swear, she doesn't stop with all the cleaning hacks. Have you seen her other videos?