9+ Cleaning Hacks Approved For The Lazy Person In All Of Us

I don't know about you, but I would prefer not to spend all day cleaning. Therefore, I always try to keep my house as tidy as possible. Even when it comes to deep cleaning, I like to work smarter and not harder.

That's why I love all these nifty cleaning gadgets that do the hard work in less time. Check them out.

1. Use A Grout Pen

One of the things that can get very dirty over time is your shower or bathtub grout. I know how annoying that can be. But this nifty grout pen can do the trick in just a few minutes.

2. This Cleaning Tip

Unsplash | Hedgehog Digital

If you have a hard time keeping your house clean, leave a pack of cleaning wipes in all rooms so you can wipe things down regularly instead of doing a full deep clean. I just started doing just that myself.

3. Get The Funk Out

Is your shower head starting to smell funky? Well, there's an easy fix for that. Fill a Ziploc bag with some water and vinegar. Secure the bag around the showerhead with an elastic. Leave on for 24 hours and voilà!

4. Use A Pumice Stone On Your Toilet Bowl

There are no ifs or butts about it — you have to clean your toilet bowl at least once in a while, hee-hee. But this pumice stone will make your job a lot easier, and that's for sure.

5 This Microwave Hack

If you forgot to clean your microwave for a while and now it's icky, do this: Microwave a bowl of water with white vinegar for about five minutes. Then, all you need to do is wipe it clean.

6. This Shower Cleaning Tip

Unsplash | The Creative Exchange

I'm actually sharing a tip with you that I do every day. After I shower, I use a spray bottle of vinegar with some water and mist all the areas. Doing this keeps the shower cleaner for much longer, trust me.

7. This Unorthodox Tip

"Have a household object that needs cleaning, but don't want to make a mess? Bring it into the shower with you. Clean the thing and yourself at the same time!" I think this Redditor is on to something here, lol.

8. This Keyboard Cleaning Hack

Have you noticed that your keyboard is full of dust, but you don't have any compressed air nearby? No worries, you can use a blow dryer just like this, and it pretty much does the same job.

9. Mop While You Walk

Who needs to take time out of their busy day to mop the floors? Not when you can do the job like this instead. These super cute mopping slippers are all you need, people. Go, get them!

10. Get This Pet Lover's Friend

Does your pet shed a lot? OMG, our cat just started his shedding season. I wish I have known about this broom squeegee earlier. It looks like such a life-saver removing all the unwanted pet hair.

11. Use A Lint Roller

If you can't get your hands on this awesome broom, I have another tip for you. You can also use a lint roller to pick up stubborn cat or dog hair. I do that all the time.

12. This Tip For Cat Lovers

"Use a beard trimmer to shave off all the pull threads from your cat clawing furniture. It makes it a lot less noticeable with that clean couch shave," said a Redditor. Wow, I would never have thought of that.

13. This Quick Shower Mop Solution

How do you clean your shower all the way up to the top? I honestly don't know. Wait, I see what they did here. They used a Swiffer mop and a rag to do it, ha, ha!

Oh wow, I absolutely love all these cleaning tips and gadgets.

There are a few here I am still to implement. But I already feel quite empowered to spend way less time cleaning than I have been doing. And that's alright in my book. How about you?