18 Times Landlords Lacked Any Handyman Skills

Kasia Mikolajczak
apartment building
Unsplash | Brandon Griggs

If you've ever lived in an apartment, you know that it can be the very best thing or a complete nightmare. It all depends on the state of the building, its management, and of course, the neighbors.

When all that works out, your life will be that much easier. However, if you happen to have a landlord with a questionable work ethic, you'll feel these stories right in your core.

This Three-Year Wait

kitchen with extractor above cabinets
reddit | oom

"Landlords finally came through after three years and installed an extractor fan in our kitchen. Bonus! It extracts straight into the attic."

Yikes! You don't say? I guess he thought you wouldn't need that attic after all, eh?

This Hilarious Fix-Up

dent in the wall fixed by attaching an empty light switch plate
reddit | 9D6Official

Check this out: Apparently, this landlord here was too lazy to fix a dent in the wall, so instead, he installed a light switch plate. Thing is, it's not exactly needed there. Hmm, what do you think about that?

This Paint Job

breaker painted over with white paint
reddit | DYMAXIONman

I know that landlords can sometimes do things in a hurry so they can get a person to occupy an apartment ASAP. But can somebody explain to me why they decided to paint over the breaker? That is bizarre, to say the least.

These New Cabinets

kitchen cabinet installed higher than the rest of cabinets
reddit | digital-lemonade

I bet this person was super excited when their new kitchen cabinets arrived. After all, they look pretty fantastic, huh? But imagine their shock when they came home to see how they got installed. Wow!

This Total Nightmare

messed up shower drain
reddit | TheCrochetingKitty

"Landlord refusing to replace this cracked shower pan. Looks like this was their solution to 'fix' it when the last tenant lived here. It feels like it could break open and water leaks all over the floor."

OMG, what?

This Shower Horror

dirty bathtub
reddit | Cheddar18

"Our landlord keeps saying there's nothing wrong with our shower."

Ah, ha, yeah, I don't think so. You better get this looked into and fast. If something like this happened to my apartment, I would be banging on someone's door, ha, ha.

This Deck Disaster

messy deck
reddit | Thel0ngview

"We complained to our landlord for months about our deck (was rotting). This was her solution."

So you pay for a deck but can't use it? Sadly, many landlords won't do anything to fix it and will still try to increase your rent.

This Light Fixture

badly installed light
reddit | Thohi

You know your landlord goes over and beyond when you come home to a light affixed like this to the ceiling. I guess this is what you pay the big bucks for, huh? So good luck to you.

This Toilet Tank Repair Job

badly fixed toilet tank
reddit | Reddit

"Landlord said he put all new hardware in the tank."

Oh, no! Is that duck tape I see here? Are you telling me your landlord told you he installed new hardware, but instead, he did this? That's not cool at all.

This Shoddy Shower Fix

badly fixed shower leak
reddit | Machoman6661

"My landlord finally fixed a leaking shower that supposedly 'cost him hundreds' ... this is the end result."

Cost him hundreds, ha, ha. Yeah, as if. Do you believe that? I do not. And from the looks of it, this person doesn't think so either.

This Dryer Fix

hot air hose disconnected from underneath a clothes dryer
Imgur | Imgur

These people complained that their dryer wasn't working, so the landlord promised to take care of it. Only when they got home, the place was sweltering. As it turns out, he disconnected the hose that carries the expelled hot, humid air from the machine, so now it blows directly into the room. Wow!

This Total Gaffe

leak stains on a ceiling
reddit | StellaCandella

"My landlord sent maintenance. They replaced the ceiling tiles without fixing the leak."

I might not be an expert, but aren't you supposed to fix the leak first and then replace the ceiling tiles? I guess somebody forgot that part.

This Ridiculous Discovery

white paint peeling and revealing marble on window sill
reddit | Reddit | u/Grabatreetron

"The paint on my apartment window sill is peeling. Turns out, it's marble that they whitewashed."

Oh my goodness, why would they even do that? It makes no sense to me at all. That marble would have looked ten times better, no?

This Safe Tile Job

poor shower tile fix with masking tape
reddit | kalitarios

"How the landlord fixed the tiles falling out of the shower and the water leaking into the unit downstairs. 'It’s fine, you can use it now.'"

Aha, not so fast. Do it at your own risk, alright?

This Unfortunate Sight

roach painted over on a wall
reddit | bieleft

When your landlord does a crappy job painting your new apartment, you can expect to see some blotches. But I have to say, seeing a dead roach painted over is a first for me, haha. I would get the heck out of there, stat.

This Toilet Fix

square toilet with round toilet seat
reddit | Cwawaf

"Our toilet seat broke so the landlady sent us a new one and ignored our request for it to be square."

Oh my goodness, hee-hee. I wonder if the landlady did that on purpose or if she's that clueless. If I were these tenants, I would take a picture, show it to her, and blatantly refuse it.

This Fake Vent

fake vent on the bottom of a wall
reddit | Reddit | u/Antibiotik5

How would you feel if you found out that the vent you thought you had in one of your rooms was there just for show and not an actual purpose? Aha! That's exactly what happened to this person here.

This Microwave Installation

microwave installed on a wall which can barely open
reddit | etchasketch4u

This person was so happy when their landlord installed an overhead microwave. But then, to their surprise, they discovered that it doesn't open all the way. Now, what food can you squeeze in there? I bet that's what they're trying to figure out, hee-hee.

Wow! You don't see that every day, huh?

woman looking shocked
Giphy | VH1

It's pretty crazy how some landlords try to get away with shoddy repair jobs like these. If I were these tenants, I wouldn't stand for it. How about you? They need to get this taken care of ASAP!