People Online Share The Ridiculously Bad Apartments They Found In New York City

Kasia Mikolajczak
man in a 66 sq. feet apartment with arms stretched out
Imgur | pwnbiwankenobi

I have to admit I've never lived in New York City, but I have visited the city on numerous occasions. So I am aware that it is often congested, and finding a suitable apartment can be a huge challenge. Many times people have been forced to live in cramped quarters, and apartments are crazy expensive.

However, I don't think I have experienced quite the same challenges as the below examples. Check them out, and please let me know your thoughts.

This So-Called Bedroom

ugly small bedroom
Tumblr | theworstroom

This so-called NYC bedroom located in Brooklyn was listed at $800. I mean, what? I don't know what the actual square footage of this specific room is, but it can't be much, judging by the picture. However, charging $800 for this one room is really overreaching, no?

This Interesting Situation

Oh my goodness, what's going on here? This lady found a listing for an apartment that a landlord posted asking for $1375. Okay, great. But I take issue with having a fridge placed on a bunk-bed. Is that some kind of new type of kitchen idea? I'm confused.

This Room With A View

Let me ask you this: Do you want a room with a view? I don't mean the greatest view in the world but nonetheless a window that opens to the outside, no? Well, if you do, then I bet you're as surprised as I am when I see this, ha, ha.

This Kitchen Conundrum

I don't know about you, but I like to cook, so I'm often in my kitchen busy preparing a meal for my family. However, even though I like to be in this area a lot, I would draw the line to taking a shower in the same space. So what is this shower doing here in the kitchen after all?

This Odd Room

a beam in the middle of the room
Tumblr | theworstroom

How would you feel if you saw this place here in Bushwick, Brooklyn? Would you expect to pay $475 for a very small room with no windows on the eighth floor? Oh, and it also features a super convenient pole right in the middle of the room.

This $3,000 Per Month Apartment

I have heard of outrageous prices for apartments in New York City. However, I've never thought that $3,000 would get me a kitchen and a bathroom in one room. What do you think of that?

This Little Oversight

I often wonder what the people who build and construct dwellings think when they do things like these? Are they just rushing? Are they tired or hungry? I can't really understand the reasoning behind an oversight like this. How about you?

This Awkward Space

small and ugly room
Tumblr | Tumblr | theworstroom

Would you believe me if I told you this room here was described as an "artist loft?" Um, okay? I have to say this is not what I imagine an artist loft to really look like. Instead, this space has exposed plumbing which I don't think is a safe environment for anyone.

This Semi-Private Room

small apartment room
Tumblr | theworstroom

Check this out: Apparently, for only $475, this so-called 'Semi-Private Living Room Space' could become your semi-dream apartment. Oh, okay. So I'm assuming that the sheet is separating this space from another bedroom? Um, I don't think so, ha, ha.

This Small Room

man standing in a 66 sq. ft room with arms extended
Imgur | wnbiwankenobi

Ladies and gentlemen, this is what 66-square-feet in a room looks like in NYC. Holy moly, I would have a hard time deciding whether I should put a bed here or some kind of kitchen. I'm so confused by this.

This Basement Room

two pictures of small basement room
Tumblr | theworstroom

If you should choose, you could rent this basement room for only $650 in NYC. Did I mention it comes with no window and kitchen, and it's considered semi-private? What does that even mean? I would like to know that.

This Humble Abode

small room in an NYC apartment
Reddit | u/gkar56

How would you like to spend all your days here? I think I would get pretty bored fast. I hope at least there is a kitchen somewhere and a bathroom. I guess it's all shared, and I wouldn't have any of it.

This Lovely Place

Take a look at this NYC studio here. It's been listed for $1420 per month. Hmm, how many rooms are we looking at exactly? I think I only see one. I don't know about you, but that's pretty expensive from what I've seen lately. Only in NYC, I guess.

This Reassuring Statement

Oh my goodness, ha, ha. Did this landlord really say that what we see here is "not that bad in an apartment?" Are they looking at the same picture? Or do they live in some kind of fantasy world? If they think getting an electric shock from faulty wiring is okay, then I digress.

This Conflicting Situation

small room in mezzanine above living room
Tumblr | theworstroom

So check this out: This room here was listed as a mezzanine above a living room. Come again? And get this, it's about three feet up, so you wouldn't be able to stand up. That's right — you read that right. OMG! Is this a joke or what?

This Unusual Kitchen

Let me ask you something. If you are spending $2,500 monthly on rent for this NYC apartment, would you expect a regular-sized kitchen? I sure would. However, I don't see one here. What I do see here — is a tiny room that definitely does not suffice as a kitchen.

This Interesting Configuration

Correct me if I'm wrong but do people often take showers in their living room? I don't think so. So why is this apartment that's asking for $2000 per month feature a shower right there in the living room? OMG! That's insane, right?

This "Worst Apartment In NYC"

TikTok screenshots
TikTok | @newyorkcityrealtor

This apartment in New York became known through a viral TikTok video which called it "the worst apartment in NYC." And I think that name is pretty justified when you look at these pictures. It comes with no oven, just a mini-fridge, and no stove and a toilet shared by the whole apartment complex. Um, I think you'll join me in saying "no, thank you."

OMG, I'm lost for words here.

Carrie Bradshaw dancing in her apartment closet

Just when I thought NYC apartments couldn't get worse, they do, ha, ha. How do people live in this city? That's what I would like to know. I really pity anyone who thinks they can get an awesome apartment in NYC just like Carrie Bradshaw did. Keep dreaming.