TikToker Shows How Little $4,000 Rent Gets Apartment Hunters In NYC

Ashley Hunte
The NYC skyline.
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When it comes to living in New York City, you might think that cute apartments are easy to come by. But the reality is, the New York City rental market is probably a lot worse than us outsiders might think.

A TikToker has posted videos showing just how far your money goes in NYC. Which is to say, not that far at all.

The TikTok user was touring an apartment that seems to be a safety hazard.

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The user, who goes by Charlotte (@charlottesaround), showed off an apartment that you could barely enter, because the door was directly in front of the stove.

The TikTok is captioned, "How is this NOT a fire hazard???"

The text on the screen reads, "reality of NYC apartment hunting and the absurd prices. Imagine paying $4000 per month to get whacked with the door anytime you use the stove and someone comes home."

Many were in disbelief that New York City apartments could cost that much.

Gordon Ramsey saying "No frickin' way."

Especially since you don't get a lot of space for that money.

"No way that place is 4000," one user commented.

"I loveeee New York but I would never live there unless I was a billionaire," wrote another.

Charlotte also clarified that this isn't the apartment she lives in.

In a second video taken in the same apartment, you can see Charlotte looking around at the tight space, and then hear her say, "Isn't this like a health hazard?"

In part 2, she shows how the apartment has a view of a brick wall.

She captions this video, "Yes we know the prices are insane and no we do not actually live here." Text on the screen reads, "Imagine paying $4,000 a month for a brick wall view."

But as it turns out, some people still weren't convinced that this apartment could be that expensive.

A man with a suspecting look on his face.

"Is that really $4000?" a user commented on the second TikTok.

As it turns out, the average rent for an apartment in Manhattan is around $4,000, which is pretty discouraging for anyone looking for a New York City apartment.

Charlotte even provided a breakdown of the apartment's rent over the last few years.

Charlotte clarifies that she does not live in that apartment, nor would she pay to live there.

The actual rent for this apartment is $3,895, which is way too close to $4,000.

It's pretty absurd that the city's rental market has gotten like this.

The NYC skyline as seen from the water.
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Commenters took to talking about why they'd never want to pay for an apartment in New York City, when there are other cities/states that have a much lower cost of living.

In fact, there are plenty of places where you could find a cute apartment for a lot cheaper.

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One user commented, "This is why I live in North Carolina me n hubby pay $600 for two bed One bath house with lots of Space."

Some people seriously questioned why anyone would live in New York City if they didn't have to.

A man asking, "I mean... why?"
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One user asked, "Why do ppl like NY?"

Another said, "Imagine living in NYC on purpose."

Paying so much for so little... definitely isn't the life for everyone.

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