Neighbor FURIOUS Over New Fence Blocking Their View 😠

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🏡 Ah, the joys of homeownership! 🌿 There's nothing quite like the dream of a private backyard oasis, am I right? 🌴 But what happens when your quest for privacy clashes with your neighbor's love for an open view? 😬 Buckle up, because this story is about to get juicy! 🍿 Let's dive into the tale of one homeowner's fence fiasco and find out if they're really the a-hole in this neighborhood drama! 🚧

🏡 Backyard Privacy Dreams 🌿

developmentformal399 | developmentformal399

🚧 Fence Benefits: Safety First! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

developmentformal399 | developmentformal399

🏚️ Neighbor's Tiny Backyard Woes 😞

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🚨 Neighbor Calls the Zoning Police! 🚓

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📏 Zoning Inspector to the Rescue 🦸‍♂️

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🔥 Fiery Neighbor's Violation 😳

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😶 Radio Silence from the Neighbors 📵

developmentformal399 | developmentformal399

🚧 Fence Fiasco: Neighbor Calls Zoning Police! 🚓

Well, well, well... looks like our homeowner's dream of a private backyard paradise has turned into a bit of a nightmare! 😱 With the fence blocking the neighbor's view and the zoning inspector uncovering a fiery violation, this situation is hotter than a 4th of July BBQ! 🔥 But wait, there's more! The plot thickens with a case of radio silence from the neighbors... 📵 Will this fence fiasco ever be resolved? 🤔 Let's see what the internet has to say about this backyard brouhaha! 🌐 Grab your popcorn, because the drama is about to unfold! 🍿

Complied with regulations, small backyard isn't your fault 💁

coppeliuseyes | coppeliuseyes

Asserting property rights and boundaries politely 👨‍🌾

RideTheWindForever | RideTheWindForever

Avoid legal trouble, document and inform neighbor about fire pit 👍

r1ch999999 | r1ch999999

Protect your property and report the fire pit 🔥

C_Majuscula | C_Majuscula

Neighbor builds on OP's land, complains about fence. NTA.

IHaveSaidMyPiece | IHaveSaidMyPiece

Neighbor wants view but OP is NTA for blocking it 😊

crazycatlady45325 | crazycatlady45325

Neighbor complains about new fence blocking their view, commenter suggests moving it closer to property line to avoid adverse possession. NTA.

SirMittensOfTheHill | SirMittensOfTheHill

NTA questions why fences must be far from property line 🤔

Fenig | Fenig

Neighbor can't handle losing view of backyard, commenter offers advice 👍

debdnow | debdnow

Asserting property rights and privacy with NTA comment 🏠👀

Chargednotconvicted | Chargednotconvicted

Neighbor feud over fence and fire pit ownership 🔥

Beck2010 | Beck2010

Asserting property rights and pushing back against entitled neighbors. 😎

RainierCherree | RainierCherree

Neighbor's fire pit on property, but OP won't report it 🔥

OneTwoWee000 | OneTwoWee000

Asserting property rights with a touch of sass 👍

jammy913 | jammy913

Be careful with the fire pit, it could cause land disputes. 💥

JayGatsby8 | JayGatsby8

Property, privacy and illegal fire pit. NTA wins 🔥👀

voxwoman | voxwoman

UK vs US fence laws debated in comment section 🤔

masofon | masofon

No view, no problem. Your property, your fence. #NTA 😎

[deleted] | [deleted]

Backyard fence sparks neighbor feud over views 😠

twifferTheGnu | twifferTheGnu

Protect your home asset for a future sale, don't take it lightly 💪

Maybeidontknow99 | Maybeidontknow99

Be prepared for the fallout over 5 extra feet 🌳

SingleAlfredoFemale | SingleAlfredoFemale

Stand your ground and don't worry about your neighbor's opinion 💪

DiscombobulatedTill | DiscombobulatedTill

Neighbor complains about the new fence blocking their view 🤬

JCBashBash | JCBashBash

Neighbor shares experience of dealing with fence disagreements. 💭

KAJ35070 | KAJ35070

Asserting property boundaries, NTA stands firm against entitled neighbors.

No_Paint_5564 | No_Paint_5564

Improving your property is none of your neighbors' business 😊

gratefulnothateful11 | gratefulnothateful11

Mindful neighbor plants accordingly, follows fence height regulations 👍

Randa08 | Randa08

Respect your neighbor's property and privacy 😊

General-Buy-8191 | General-Buy-8191

Curious about ZEO's role in determining property lines 🤔

Armsmaster2112 | Armsmaster2112

Neighbor's entitlement to view? NTA says it all 👍

Dependent_Pen_1603 | Dependent_Pen_1603

Friendly neighbor may not be the one who called inspector

amandabee8 | amandabee8

Confusion over fence placement sparks debate in comments 🤔

AnxiouslyPessimistic | AnxiouslyPessimistic

Asserting property rights and boundaries, NTA stands their ground.

aspiring_Novelis | aspiring_Novelis

Asserting property rights and advising caution on fire pit ownership. 🏠🔥

JohnnyinCentralTx | JohnnyinCentralTx

Not their fault. Small yard, small view. NTA 😎

HaviMommy | HaviMommy

Set property lines & CYA with a friendly letter 👍

newprairiegirl | newprairiegirl

Neighbor not the a**hole for putting up fence blocking view.

dtalok7 | dtalok7

Disagreement over fence installation etiquette 😐

elara500 | elara500

Regulations on your side! Don't let your neighbor's view obstruct you.


Respectful neighbor acknowledges property boundaries. 👍

ThrowAwayFoodMood | ThrowAwayFoodMood

Navigating fence disputes is tough but you own your property. 👍


Putting up a fence on your property: NTA 👍

Holmes221bBSt | Holmes221bBSt

Enjoy your privacy! 👍

SchminksMcGee | SchminksMcGee

You're NTA. Keep your privacy and ignore the neighbors 😎

Upset_Barracuda_4499 | Upset_Barracuda_4499

Defending right to privacy even if blocking neighbor's view 😊

Jujulabee | Jujulabee

Build your fence, block the view, NTA rules 🙌

[deleted] | [deleted]

Privacy is a right, not a privilege. NTA for fence.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Legal responsibility of property owner over firepit discussed.

janenejan | janenejan

Keeping his fire pit on your property could cause legal trouble 💥

Every-Self-8399 | Every-Self-8399

Privacy over pleasing neighbors. NTA 😎

drinkingtea1723 | drinkingtea1723

Compliant neighbor shuts down angry fence complainer 😊

AdorableTechnology39 | AdorableTechnology39

Consult a lawyer to avoid future property disputes with neighbor 😎

DevilSilver | DevilSilver

Protecting your land: NTA and seek legal advice 🙌

murdocjones | murdocjones

Take back your property, NTA! 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

Protect your property! Legal action may be necessary. NTA.

lalalalalalalalalaa5 | lalalalalalalalalaa5

Get it in writing to avoid property disputes later on! 👍

FishScrumptious | FishScrumptious

Don't let them steal your property, and good for you! 👍

person12online | person12online

Neighbor wants to spy on your backyard? NTA, super creepy!

serume | serume

Stand your ground and protect your property 🏡👊

SammyLoops1 | SammyLoops1

You're entitled to privacy, don't let them bully you. 🙅‍♀️

EconomyVoice7358 | EconomyVoice7358

Protect your property before it's too late 🚨

Punkrockpm | Punkrockpm

Safety concern raised over neighbor's fire pit placement 🔥

PickleNotaBigDill | PickleNotaBigDill

Neighbor installs fence, passes inspections, NTA according to commenter.

miniheart100 | miniheart100

Fire pit may lead to property dispute 😬

momofklcg | momofklcg

Neighbor accused of shady land possession tactics. Lawyer up 💪

Own-Organization-532 | Own-Organization-532

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