12+ Expensive Mistakes That Must've Cost A Pretty Penny

Have you ever trashed something that was ridiculously expensive? Like maybe a brand new car? I would like to happily say that I haven't. Ha, ha!

But turns out that it's actually a thing and someone even started a subreddit for it. There, people can post the most expensive mistakes ever and laugh or cry about it together. Some of them look quite painful.

1. This Money Mishap

Reddit | jdk

I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around what I'm looking at but, apparently, somebody microwaved $5000 in Canadian bills because they wanted to disinfect it. What? What kind of moron does that? That's pretty insane.

2. This Race Car Oopsy

Reddit | chriszuma

Somehow I feel that if I dropped a race car on its back, I wouldn't be as calm as these guys seem. Would you? I dunno but this scene just doesn't even seem real to me. Nobody is even crying.

3. This Lambo Misfortune

Reddit | noelh555

Imagine if you literally just picked up your brand new Lamborghini only to be rear-ended 20 minutes later. OMG, talk about having the worst kind of luck. At least I hope it's a total write-off.

4. This Tailgating Incident

Reddit | DPLaVay

There's a reason why they tell you to never tailgate a school bus — especially when your car is pretty much shaped like a doorstop. LOL! Oh, that's so unfortunate indeed. I bet they're totally regretting it now.

5. This Cement Truck Mishap

Reddit | KevlarYarmulke

How would you feel if you had just finished a hard day at work and then you show up to see your car in a state like this? I don't think I would be all too happy about that.

6. This Hail Attack

Reddit | Absentfriends

So you're being really responsible about being environmentally friendly by installing solar panels on your business' roof. And then Mother Nature gives you a big "F U" and drops hail on the panels and totally ruins them. Sigh. That is unfortunate.

7. This Aircraft Incident

Reddit | viboux

Could you imagine if you were the person who pressed the wrong button here? One wrong move and now the aircraft's slide is inside instead of outside. I would start working on your resume now. Ha, ha!

8. This Costly Mistake

Reddit | Jorarl

I've always wanted to have one of those cool, silver Aston Martins I see in movies. But I would be scared to death driving in a car that's worth more than $1.5 million. Would you?

9. This Triple Whammy

Reddit | Liberal_Leopard

Not one, not two, but three Ferraris got into an accident here. If this isn't a fair warning for anyone interested in illegal street racing, I dunno what is. Don't try this at home, folks. It isn't worth it.

10. This Unfortunate Mishap

Reddit | itsMineDK

If you have enough money to install a self-hiding garage, perhaps you should've gotten a sensor. That way, it could've told you it wasn't safe to park there. No? Or am I just crazy thinking that way?

11. This Machine Accident

Reddit | VirtuminVG

Here's one dangerous work accident. This machine apparently malfunctioned and started spraying molten metal everywhere. Oh my gosh. I do hope everybody got out safely from there. This is definitely not a laughing matter kind of thing.

12. This Crane Accident

Reddit | IAmGodMode

Can you even imagine coming home to see that a crane accident had slashed your house in half? OMG! I can't even speak. I would have a heart attack if I saw that. This is absolutely unbelievable.

13. This Major Work Fiasco

Reddit | Snow-Lemur

So you thought you had a bad day at work? At least you're not the person who has to tell their boss they dropped a $290 million Noaa-N Prime Satellite right onto the shop floor. Whoa!

14. This Moronic Move

Reddit | 5_Frog_Margin

This is what happens when the fire suppression foam is accidentally released. Oh wow, this looks so eerie. No? But joking aside this is actually quite dangerous. Hopefully, no one got hurt!

15. This Tangled Mess

Reddit | jazz_man

If you leave things up to this guy, your internet wifi will be restored sometime between now and the end of the year ha, ha! Wow! I don't think I've ever seen cables tangled like this before.

16. This Poor Phone

Reddit | panji999999

Oh my! I hope this isn't one of the latest iPhones because those things don't come cheap. LOL! I wonder how long it took this person to realize they'd been dragging it along the way. Yikes!

17. This Torched House

Reddit | McDirty09

Fireworks are all good and fun until somebody gets hurt. And in this case, it's this house. Apparently, it got hit by a bunch of fireworks and burned down. Holy crap! I didn't realize that could happen.

18. This Computer Fiasco

Imagine if this happened to your company's server? Not only is it going to disrupt a lot of people's work but it's going to cost a pretty penny to fix it. Somebody is definitely going to have a bad day.

19. This Truck Mishap

Reddit | BobRossOfficiall

This is an interesting ramp to have on the street. I wonder if this truck can make it through! Oh, wait, nope. I see it didn't work out that well for this driver. That's quite unfortunate.

20. This Military Gaffe

Reddit | J00G0LD

Looking at this jet you'd think it has seen some hard combat, no? Well, not really. Actually it was just a mistake made by a technician who accidentally fired off a Vulcan cannon and totally obliterated it. OMG!

21. This Wino's Nightmare

Reddit | OrangeJeepWdw

That is one impressive wine cellar here, don't you think? Oh wait, I think I know what happened here. I think they paid way too much for their wine and not enough to have the shelves constructed properly. Yikes!

22. No Driving On The Beach, Please

Reddit | Hera03a

Oh, come on! Really? How can somebody be dumb enough to do this? I'm sorry if I'm being too harsh when I say that, but this looks absolutely ridiculous to me. Lesson learned.

OMG! I can honestly say that I haven't seen people making mistakes quite as bad as these before.

If this happened to me it would totally suck for sure. How did they even get up the next day? I feel terrible for them.