19 Things Women Find Pretentious

Sarah Kester
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If you want to be pretentious, there are a whole lot of ways to do so.

Some examples include hating popular music, name dropping, or requiring your drink to be at a certain temperature.

People do these things when they want to make people believe that they are more important or significant than they are

Unfortunately, this only ends up backfiring on them. So, fellas, or anyone really, here are 19 things to avoid, as women find these actions pretentious. 

Name-droppers who try to impress by mentioning wealthy, famous people they claim to know

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Ugh, we hate when our best friend Kanye West does this!

But seriously, this really is the worst. These people are either lying or they feel like they need to constantly name-drop to make their life seem less boring.

Designer labels

Julie Garner in Inventing Anna
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"If you like the item, fine, spend whatever you want on it. But when you're walking around with LV and Gucci and Coach and whatever else plastered all over everything, you're just trying to be seen wearing stupidly expensive crap so people think you're rich." - u/meepgorp

People who act condescending to cashiers

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These people tend to think that they're better than the Wal-Mart employees ringing in their diapers and Diet Coke.

Sadly, this can go the other way, too, with the cashier thinking that the customer isn't good enough to shop at their store.

People who put things down just so they can brag about traveling

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"Take your friend to a great crepery and they go on and on how 'you haven’t lived until you go to France and have crepes at ‘whatever crepery’ in Paris. No crepery in the US can even compare. France, France, France!!!!!'” - u/foodzillavsgothra

Music snobs

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They shame you for not liking what they deem to be "good music."

Many gatekeep, too. This means that when you ask them what song is playing, they don't tell you because "you're not cool enough to know."

Liking "expensive" wine

Julie Garner in Inventing Anna
NY Times | Netflix

"I just got out of 11 years in the wine industry. It’s one giant circle jerk of pretentiousness. I am SO happy to be doing something entirely different that is not at all related to hospitality." - u/rizaroni

People who call themselves "foodies" but they can't cook

Woman eating
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Sorry, but it's not exactly a skill to find good restaurants. Nor, is it a skill to buy expensive ingredients, such as exotic vegetables and desserts.

This won't mean much when you can't even cook with these ingredients.

People who brag about going to a private school

Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl
Pink Villa | The WB

"Going to private school isn’t bad in of itself but when they act like they’re better than everyone else because they or their parents paid a ridiculous amount for tuition, it makes them come off snobby." - u/stygian_shores

Food snobs

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Similar to music snobs, these are people who think they know better than everyone else.

They turn their nose up at food that doesn't sound "fancy" enough, such as Kraft Dinner, a local cheap restaurant, or well-cooked steak.

People trying to be more "enlightened" or "woke" than everyone else

Eye roll
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"I used to work with someone that pretty much just researched every injustice and tragedy in the world and then talked about it like they were actively involved in it." - u/Slowjams

Bragging about so-called good deeds on social media

Homeless man
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Many influencers have gone viral for recording themselves giving money or food to homeless people.

While the intent is good, it gets lost when people only do it for likes and praise. A good deed shouldn't need an audience.

Life coaches

"My life coaches are my friends. They keep me honest, validate my feelings, call me on my [expletive], encourage me through my failures and celebrate my successes. I think a lot of life coaches prey on vulnerable people." - u/midcitycat

People who purposely use big words

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There are people who believe that using big words or having a complex vocabulary makes them look smarter.

It can, so long as they don't shame others for not knowing what a certain word means.

"Do your own research" people

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"It's not hard providing links to the so-called 'articles' and 'studies' you drawn your conclusions from. You share information, but when asked where you got them from you're saying 'do your own research' basically withholding information." - u/borderlessAshe

Hardcore coffee people

Unsplash | Fahmi Fakhrudin

More of the world needs to be like Lorelai Gilmore from Gilmore Girls. While she loved coffee, she wouldn't turn her nose up at the cheap stuff.

Don't be the kind of person who only drinks expensive coffee and puts down anything that's not.

People who think they're somehow superior for not engaging in popular culture

Joe from You
Hello | Netflix

"Look we get it, you don't have to like Marvel films or Love Island or football or whatever it is. But that doesn't give you the right to look down and sneer at people who do." - u/folklovermore

Weird restaurant ingredients

Unsplash | Lily Banse

What are things like "massaged kale" or "activated almonds"?! And why does every restaurant menu have to have some sort of truffle oil?

While that alone is pretentious, it gets worse when the price is super expensive.

People who hate on mobile homes

Mobile home
Unsplash | Michal Balog

"Grew up in a mobile home. So annoying to hear people talk [expletive] like they know anything, and cringe af when they start denigrating people who live in trailer parks right the [expletive] in front of me." - u/ohboop

Social media influencers

It's become less about taking pictures and sharing experiences with the world and more about making money from promotion posts. Most of these "influencers" are even too young to be influencing others. Enough with it, okay?!

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