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7+ Simple Food Swaps That Make Cooking Easier

So now that a lot of us are practicing social distancing or even facing some time in quarantine we might eventually run out of a few food ingredients. But don't worry, I've got your back here.

Did you know that there are simple food swaps you can do when you're in a pinch for a recipe? Oh yes. So let's look at some of these and stay calm everyone.

1. Butter

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If you've run out of butter don't despair. You can use any cooking oil just fine too. Or you can substitute some light margarine or even lard.

2. Eggs

Some recipes call for using eggs but if you've run out there are options for you. Use a banana instead or applesauce or even mayo for baking.

3. Mayonnaise

Well, we all love our mayo but did you know you can use an avocado instead of mayo as well? Oh yes, indeed you can. Just try it.

4. Milk

If you want to cook with milk you can totally get away with just using evaporated milk with some water. You'll pretty much get the same consistency.

5. Rice

I love using rice for soups and stir-fries but if you can't get your hands on this staple you can also use cauliflower. It's delicious and nutritious too.

6. Pasta Noodles

Same as rice, I love pasta noodles. But if you don't have them around the house you can just use zucchini to make noodles or 'zoodles' haha.

7. Onions

If your recipe calls for onions you can use any variety of pungent veggies like leeks, green onions or scallions. In fact, I adore all of these.

8. Breadcrumbs

Some recipes come out much better if you use breadcrumbs like schnitzels. You can oven-dry bread, crush it in a food processor and just make your own.

See I told you even if you run out of a few of your favorite staples in the kitchen there are ways around it. So relax, and get creative.

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