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15 Tweets About Married Life That Are Oh So Relatable

Being in a marriage is something that is said to be wonderful, beautiful, meaningful, and amazing.

We all look for the person we want to spend the rest of our lives with, walk down the aisle to, and marry them. But once we're married, things oftentimes go a bit downhill and we realize marriage isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Take that!

There's nothing more frustrating than having someone ruin our selection when we are looking for something to watch on Netflix or Hulu.

Don't mess with our chosen streaming shows. It's a sin.

Where's the lie?

When we need someone to put the laundry in, it never gets done.

No matter how many socks we're out of or how long we go without a clean pair of underwear, some things don't get done until you do them yourself.

He beat me to it.

The best part about being parents is the fact that you get to decide what your kids are allowed to eat and what they cannot eat.

The best day? Halloween. You can cut your kids off of their candy and it turns into yours before your very eyes.

What a joke.

Was he being sarcastic when he told me to "have a good day" knowing he was walking out the door to leave me alone with our children?

Clearly, I will not have a good day sir, so you bite your tongue.

She may have a point.

They say men take longer to mature than women, right?

Well, this guy goes to show that there are some men that just never mature. All those gummy bears in his mouth at once? Good thing he was left speechless.

Rather lie than say you're right.

No one wants to hear the whole "I told you so" speech.

No matter who it is, or what it's about, I don't want anyone to tell me that they told me originally that this would happen and now it did. I've learned my lesson, don't need it twice.

It's a special ocassion.

If there was anything I would waste my money on, I mean to spend my money on, it would definitely be a tuxedo for a dog. If my dog is getting married, my dog deserves to look good on his wedding day.

He listened?!?

Remember when we told our husbands that there are some towels we use for decoration and some we use to wash our hands/shower with? We remember, of course, but our husbands hardly ever do. Until now!

Priorities are priorities.

It's clear that having an interview on Zoom and maybe getting a new job is far more important to him than sleeping with his wife. But, there's a better chance of him getting that job than there is of him getting laid tonight.

That's the right way to put it.

Women are sometimes delicate like a flower, pretty and smell good and they also are something everyone wants to see. But, there are some women that are delicate like a bomb, where if you're not careful, they will explode.

It's a sweet, yet morbid gesture.

The best way to wake up is to a bunch of strangers clapping and seeing you open your eyes. Some husbands like to take advantage of our vulnerable moments—like, this one where we fall asleep in public.

Maybe yes, maybe yes.

If you share an account with your significant other, you'll know there's nothing quite like watching everything that they spend money on. We look at the statement and wonder what the hells someone can spend $35 on at a 7-11.

It's on.

Wives will say to get something small, but the minute our husbands walk into the store with all the supped up and insane hermit crab homes, it's game over. He automatically wants to build a castle with a dungeon.

Why is this so real that it hurts?

No matter how many times we say that something is on the counter, on the bar, in the cabinet, on the shelf—our husband can not and will not be able to find it. They have to come ask us to find it for them.

Do we push?

Whenever our husbands do something a bit dangerous and also kind of risky, we can't help but think about how quick we would become a millionaire overnight. Okay, we'd miss him, but we can also buy 1,000 pairs of shoes.

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