15 Things Women Feel People Shouldn't Post On Social Media

Lex Gabrielle
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As social media has grown increasingly popular in the world, we have all become accustomed to using it and sharing details about our lives on a regular basis.

Some people post every little thing that they do, while others just post the big moments. There are many things that individuals feel as though we shouldn't post on social media in order to keep ourselves safe and also others in our lives.

Posting about fights with your partner.

couple arguing on the beach
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Witch_on_a_moped shared that it's inappropriate and also kind of embarrassing when you post information about fights that you are having with your significant other. It's not everyone else's business to hear about your intimate problems.

Photos of you crying.

woman crying into her hand
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mamatobee328 said that it's kind of weird when people post photos or videos of themselves crying. What is the purpose of showing that to other people? For sympathy? Or, attention? It's a bit strange, to be honest.

Pictures of your kids in their school uniforms.

kids in school uniforms
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limeblue31 said if you share photos of your kids in their school uniforms, it can create an unsafe environment for your kids now. Strangers online now know exactly where your kids go to school and can approach them whenever they want.

Pregnancy announcements too early.

mobile in a baby room
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"Perhaps an unpopular opinion but… pregnancy announcements really early into the pregnancy. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve seen a pregnancy announcement be rescinded and it’s heartbreaking. I completely understand being excited and wanting to tell everyone, but I wish folks would wait a bit before announcing online," said spottysasquatch.

Kids holding those "first day of school" boards.

back to school sign chalk
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ScarlettSparrow added that along with those photos of kids in school uniforms, those "first day of school" boards usually have a lot of information, such as the kid's teacher's name and school—which can be dangerous to the child.

Posting all the bad stuff their SO does.

couple screaming at each other
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"Bad things their SO does - like ragging on them for not taking out the trash AGAIN. It's so cringy. Like, do you even like this person you're with, or are they just 'see what I put up with' social media filler," said sandithepirate.

All of your jobs.

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ahhbears said it looks pretty bad when you post all of the jobs that you have on your social media, especially if you bounce around jobs a lot. It looks like you cannot keep employment and that you keep getting fired from places.

Kid's "bodily functions."

little kid in a diaper
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albino_oompa_loompa said that it's really gross when parents post things about their child's bodily functions, such as diaper blowouts, puke, or anything of the sort. Yes, all kids do it, but we don't need to see it online.

Kids having tantrums.

little kid crying at birthday party
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"Pictures/videos of their kids having tantrums, meltdowns, tough moments, etc. It's really unfair to your kids to do this. I think sharing nice family photos and cute/fun family moments is normal," said sillysandhouse.

Photos of people in the hospital.

iv bag in hospital
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LHM1989 said that it's uncomfortable when you post photos of individuals in the hospital when they are dying. Some people like to post photos holding hands with someone on their deathbed, and it seems too personal and a bit wrong to post on social media.

Videos of strangers.

guy recording video on his phone
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Applesintheorchard shared, and many agreed, that social media has made it far too comfortable to post photos and videos of strangers we do not even know. It's not nice, legal, or even fair to do that to someone.

Answering those random posts.

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"Answers to stuff like 'the color of your underwear and your street name is your new stripper name. What's yours?' Scammers use that to get your personal info. You're telling them what street you live on, your first car, your first pet," said Becca_G6.

Showing off possessions.

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starskyandbutch said that they dislike when people post all of their "stuff" online, like gifts they get or possessions they buy. It seems to be a big brag and trying to show off to other people. Others find it tacky.

Letting people know you're away from home.

traveling stuff on a map
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HoardingHeartache said it's dumb for people to post things about traveling in real-time because it can put them at risk. If people know you are away on vacation, you could easily make it possible that someone will break into your house.

Throwing shade at people.

girl sticking out her tongue
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Rich_Group_8997 said it's annoying when people post vague statuses and posts about "someone" and try to throw shade, but don't really call them out. Just go solve your problems like a real adult and handle it.