People On Social Media Are Turning Vans Into Adorable Tiny Homes On Wheels

What's a millennial to do?

With the price of homes at an all-time high, clever potential home owners are taking matters into their own hands. Whether they're ready to live there full time, or looking to have an unconventional place to crash during road trips, these people are turning vans into spaces that are literally nicer than most apartments.

Van life is on the rise on social media right now.

A lot of that is due to the meteoric success of YouTuber Jennelle Eliana.

She's a travel-enthusiast who lives in her van with her pet snake, Alfredo. She documents her travels and #VanLife on her YouTube channel.

Her first YouTube video basically blew up.

YouTube | Jennelle Eliana

Jennelle's first YouTube video was her van tour, which garnered massive attention on social media.

She had over a million subscribers within days. Van life was a huge draw, and Jennelle had the personality and the humor (and the pet snake) that really drew people in.

So, it's safe to say people are super into mobile tiny homes.

Whether it's trailers, vans, or buses, living on the move is definitely on the rise.

For a lot of these homeowners and adventurers, their spaces are total labors of love. And the before and afters? They're amazing.

Take this insane bus, for example.

Ailsa and Paul (@therealbuslifeofcheshire) on Instagram posted some intense before pictures of their bus renovation.

They were working with an old school bus — one of the truly classic ones, with cracked leather seats and a bright yellow exterior.

Now, it's a true home.

Look at that frickin' bus!

They gutted the entire interior and started from scratch. Everything from the floors to the walls were redone. They even added a small kitchen and a wood-burning stove!

This family lives in their van.

The outside is pretty standard. She's a regular van, through and through. But what @ourvanquest did to the inside is absolutely breathtaking. And yes, their whole family lives in the van!

That view doesn't hurt, either.

How that is the inside of a van is anyone's guess. Jake, Gianna, and baby Luna made an amazing home out of their van. They even have a full kitchen and a subway tile backsplash!

This couple is living a true millennial lifestyle.

Or, as they put it: "We couldn't afford a house so we bought a bus & we've created our dream home on wheels."

That's according to @saltythebus, aka Madie, Mark, and Salty the bus.

Their bus is next-level.

They've tricked their bus out big time. They have the usual things, like a kitchen, bed and sitting area. But they also have a pull-out barbecue and food prep area attached to the side of Salty!

Sandra Piitulainen is a full-time #Vanlife-r.

She drives a converted Mercedes Sprinter, which is a popular choice for those looking to take life on the road.

Her Instagram (@offthegridwith) and YouTube chronicle her travels through Europe, from Italy to Sweden!

She's a solo traveller!

Sandra is touring Europe on her own, and has been since 2018. Her van is nice and bright, with lots of gorgeous wood and white walls. Plus, she has a pineapple hammock. Who doesn't need a pineapple hammock?

This double-decker bus got a BIG makeover.

Elise Cook (@elisecook) is a van lifer who owns a winery, and that winery? Well, part of it is inside a bus.

She and Domenic Palumbo (@domenicpalumbo) bought a Glasgow Transport bus and had really big dreams for it.

They even converted the top of the bus into a patio.

They usually spend their off-time adventuring out into Australia in their renovated VW Bug.

The rest of the time, they're running @downtherabbitholewines, where a converted bus serves as a dining area!

And as for Jennelle...

Well, she has a new path: making over her brand-new (ish) 1991 Toyota Hiace Camper!

You can follow her van journey on her YouTube channel, or hang out with she and Alfredo on Instagram.