Should Roommate's Girlfriend Pay RENT?! 💰🏠 Woman's Bold Demand

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🏠 Buckle up, folks! We've got a juicy homeowner's dilemma on our hands. 😬 When this couple decided to rent out their extra rooms to some single dudes, they thought they were just getting ahead on bills. Little did they know, they were in for a wild ride! 🎢 One roomie's girlfriend has practically moved in without actually moving in, and it's driving our poor homeowner up the wall! 🤯 Get ready for some serious drama, relatable struggles, and a whole lot of "baby" talk. 👶 Let's dive in and see if we can help this stressed-out landlady! 🙏

🏠 The Homeowner's Dilemma: Renting to Single Dudes 😬

kikibeifong | kikibeifong

💕 Roomie's GF Moves In... Without Actually Moving In 🤨

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🚪 Honey, I'm Home! Wait, You Don't Live Here... 😠

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🔑 No Key? No Problem! Just Text the Landlady 📱

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🛀 Bathtime Bliss... For Her, Not the Actual Tenants 😤

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🚗 Parking Problems: Move It or Lose It, Honey 🙄

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🗣️ Chatterbox Alert: Silence is Golden, Girlfriend 🤐

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🏡 No Room at Mom and Dad's Inn 🙅‍♀️

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🤔 Hindsight is 20/20: Should I Have Known Better? 🤷‍♀️

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💸 Pay Up or Ship Out: The Rent Ultimatum 💰

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😖 Every. Single. Night. I Can't Even... 😩

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🆘 Help! Am I the A-hole? What Do I Do? 😫

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🚨 Unofficial Roomie Alert: Is This Homeowner the A-hole? 🚨

😱 Well, well, well... looks like our homeowner has found herself in quite the pickle! 🥒 With her husband's single friends as tenants, she thought she was just getting some extra cash flow. But oh, how wrong she was! 💸 One roomie's girlfriend has practically moved in, and she's not holding back on the "baby" talk or the bathroom hogging. 🛀 Our poor landlady is at her wit's end, considering drastic measures like charging rent or banning the GF altogether. 😤 But is she the a-hole for wanting to lay down the law? 🤔 Let's see what the internet has to say about this wild situation! 🌎

Roommate's girlfriend overstaying and blocking car, NTA suggests communication.

Slixxerman | Slixxerman

Landlord rules apply, talk to roommate about girlfriend staying over.

Quiet-Hamster6509 | Quiet-Hamster6509

Setting boundaries with rude and messy guest, consider eviction. 😡

TX_Farmer | TX_Farmer

Dealing with roommate's girlfriend overstaying limit: charge or evict 🤔

NickandKem | NickandKem

Roommate's girlfriend causing issues. Be more forceful and set boundaries.

Miss_Bobbiedoll | Miss_Bobbiedoll

Curious for the update on entitled girlfriend situation �yes

Nearby_Highlight6536 | Nearby_Highlight6536

Respectful communication key to roommate's girlfriend living situation. 👍

Little23Crow | Little23Crow

Respectful NTA demands girlfriend stop blocking driveway with baby voice 👶

[deleted] | [deleted]

Roommate's girlfriend overstaying her welcome, NTA sets boundaries. 👍

sparklyviking | sparklyviking

Husband's roommate needs rules enforced after girlfriend's entitlement. NTA.

barnyard_door | barnyard_door

Set some ground rules to avoid shared space issues 🙌

lozanoe | lozanoe

Roommate's gf moved in without paying rent. Half YTA. Hard 1 night limit?

THAgrippa | THAgrippa

Landlord advises on tenant's girlfriend violating lease agreement. ✅

Scurb-Lord | Scurb-Lord

Setting boundaries with a roommate's girlfriend 💪

PsychologicalBit5422 | PsychologicalBit5422

Set boundaries with tenant, girlfriend not welcome. NTA strategy.

Crazybutnotlazy1983 | Crazybutnotlazy1983

Get it in writing! Solid advice for roommate agreements.

Whose_my_daddy | Whose_my_daddy

NTA. Roommate's girlfriend should be discussed with clear expectations. 👍

eightydegreespls | eightydegreespls

Roommate's girlfriend staying over more than half the week is problematic. ESH.

Ok_Butterscotch_8543 | Ok_Butterscotch_8543

Share house rule: over 3 nights a week = rent. 🏠💰

trowzerss | trowzerss

Low rent, big headache: Roommate's guest causing issues 👀

mi_nombre_es_ricardo | mi_nombre_es_ricardo

Respecting house rules is key to successful roommate relationships. 👍

Spiritual_Ad_7162 | Spiritual_Ad_7162

Landlord advised to set clear guest policy and communicate directly.

Ecofre-33919 | Ecofre-33919

Set clear rules for tenant, his gf, and enforce them 👍

Aggravating_Meat2101 | Aggravating_Meat2101

Establishing boundaries before renting is important to avoid conflicts. 👍

PMmeProgressPics | PMmeProgressPics

Set clear rules to avoid unwanted roommates 😎

NotSorry2019 | NotSorry2019

Landlord offers creative solution to roommate's girlfriend problem. 👍

becuzz-I-sed | becuzz-I-sed

Establish clear boundaries in the lease agreement before tenants move in 📝👍

mycatisperfect | mycatisperfect

Roommate's girlfriend's rent demand sparks ground rule discussion. 👍

SkinsHOFChaseYoung | SkinsHOFChaseYoung

Setting boundaries is key for roommates with frequent guests 👥

Commercial_Rule_7823 | Commercial_Rule_7823

Set boundaries or make them pay more rent. NTA.

pizzaisapie69 | pizzaisapie69

Living with friends as renters can be a slippery slope 😕

katiekat1105 | katiekat1105

Take charge of your home! Lay down the law 😎

GonnaBeOverIt | GonnaBeOverIt

Roommate's girlfriend causing trouble? Lay down the law 💪

Bergenia1 | Bergenia1

Tenant suggests reducing rent to help roommate save for own place 💰

JDorian0817 | JDorian0817

Communication is key for roommate issues 📱

miflordelicata | miflordelicata

Roommate's girlfriend causing issues. NTA suggests a talk.

l3ex_G | l3ex_G

Tricky situation for landlord-roommate with potential for a**hole move 🤷🏻‍♀️. Restrictions on guests vary by law.

queenastoria | queenastoria

Check your lease agreement before making demands! 👍

Graham2990 | Graham2990

Messy roommate situation: Is it time for him to leave? 🤷🏼‍♀️

misstiff1971 | misstiff1971

Setting house rules for tenant guests and consulting with your tenant.

2_old_for_this_spit | 2_old_for_this_spit

NTA being reasonable with clear expectations for shared living space. 👍

DayNormal8069 | DayNormal8069

Set some ground rules and talk to your roommate first 👍

00Lisa00 | 00Lisa00

Set boundaries for guests and expect your husband's support. 💪

lexi_prop | lexi_prop

Solid advice on lease agreements and visitor section. 💪

Phxhayes445 | Phxhayes445

Sibling's girlfriend using house as her personal spa. NTA.

bellichka | bellichka

Stand up to the entitled girlfriend. You're not a doormat 👌

ShinyAppleScoop | ShinyAppleScoop

Setting boundaries important in roommate agreements 👍

Prestigious-Weight40 | Prestigious-Weight40

Respect privacy, landlord's action questionable. 🤔

HackTheNight | HackTheNight

Assertive advice for dealing with unwanted roommate's girlfriend 👊

Possible-Schedule934 | Possible-Schedule934

Establish ground rules with both roommates regarding guests. NTA.

terlus07 | terlus07

Setting boundaries with roommate's girlfriend: reasonable or unreasonable?

GroundbreakingPhoto4 | GroundbreakingPhoto4

Roommate's girlfriend overstaying? Bin her stuff and send invoice 💰

chimera4n | chimera4n

Setting boundaries with roommate's girlfriend is key. Get a written agreement.

Internal_Progress404 | Internal_Progress404

Bold and blunt response to entitled girlfriend taking over space 👏

corrygan | corrygan

Setting limits on significant other visits is reasonable and fair ✌️

TootsNYC | TootsNYC

Roommate's girlfriend causing trouble? Give ultimatum or double rent 💰

Estarolas_PT | Estarolas_PT

Set basic rules for overnight guests in shared living spaces. NTA.

Jean19812 | Jean19812

Be careful! Guest may become tenant if they stay long enough! 😱

jwhitestone | jwhitestone

Ignoring the girlfriend's texts: a harmless power move. 😎

morbidcuriosity86 | morbidcuriosity86

NTA. Address the issue with the roommate and others on board.

Sure_Tree_5042 | Sure_Tree_5042

Clear rules for guests and rent shared, no AHs here 👍

KristenHuoting | KristenHuoting

Be bold and have a blunt conversation about rent expectations! 👊

Juanitaplatano | Juanitaplatano

Set boundaries with friend about girlfriend's presence. NTA.

celticmusebooks | celticmusebooks

Uncomfortable conversation with roommate's girlfriend overstaying, charge rent and utilities 💰

bjwyxrs | bjwyxrs

Setting clear rules is key when renting a room 👍

Minimum_Piglet_1457 | Minimum_Piglet_1457

Landlord receives YTA judgement for lack of clear rules.

FunSolution3945 | FunSolution3945

Set guest limits as homeowner and add to rental agreement 👍

Disastrogirl | Disastrogirl

NTA for taking issue with GF using up utilities, but clothes arrangement is not your business.

itsmelorinyc | itsmelorinyc

Roommate's girlfriend causing tension over rent. ESH suggests communication.

spexxsucks | spexxsucks

Set boundaries with tenant, not girlfriend. NTA. 👍

Gawlf85 | Gawlf85

Communicate boundaries clearly. YTA for tolerating it so long. 😑

Malibucat48 | Malibucat48

Know your lease and respect your tenants' rights and privacy.

LovitzInTheYear2000 | LovitzInTheYear2000

Setting boundaries with roommate's girlfriend. NTA. 👍

Feeling_Sample2690 | Feeling_Sample2690

Set boundaries and update lease to avoid legal complications. NTA.

Cgree313 | Cgree313

Setting boundaries with roommate's girlfriend 👀

princessofperky | princessofperky

When it comes to roommates and girlfriends, what's the rule? 🤔

nejithegenius | nejithegenius

Set boundaries with roommate's girlfriend to avoid issues. NTA.

maggersrose | maggersrose

Communication is key for resolving roommate conflicts. 💬

[deleted] | [deleted]

Roommate called out for demanding girlfriend to pay rent. YTA.

LurkerFailsLurking | LurkerFailsLurking

Supportive commenter hopes for positive resolution to rent dispute. 🙏

starfizzles | starfizzles

Establishing house rules is key for harmonious living 🙌

1987Jigglypuff | 1987Jigglypuff

Set clear rules for girlfriend, limit stay to 2 nights 👍

Fair_Reflection2304 | Fair_Reflection2304

Take control of YOUR house 🏡 and set house rules 📚

TylerNadel | TylerNadel

Have a sit down meeting with everyone to lay out rules 👍

BasicMycologist7118 | BasicMycologist7118

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