15 Men Share What Non Sexual Things Are Attractive In Women

Lex Gabrielle
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Many men look at women's physical features and that is what they find attractive. However, women are more than just their looks. Women have a ton of qualities and features to them that go way beyond their looks.

Many men are interested and find women attractive and are interested in dating them for far more than how they appear. And, if you're curious, here are some guys who dish on their favorite parts of women.

Those pearly whites.

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Joyfulcheese shared that while it's physical, it's the way in which a woman smiles. When a smile is genuine and not forced, it makes a man feel like they have accomplished something by making them smile. Many agreed that a genuine smile from a woman makes their "heart skip a beat."

A kind soul.

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like5or6 said that something that attracts them to a woman is if they go out of their way to do kind things for someone else. Others agreed that when a woman is genuinely kind and wants to help others with nothing in return, that's truly great.

A "quick wit."

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Men love a woman with a good sense of humor and can hang with everyone. But, Lenny_III said "having a good enough sense of humor to get my jokes is great. Being quick-witted enough to come back at me with her own? That’s a keeper."

The ability to listen.

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Karakoima shared that a woman who pays attention and listens is something that attracts them. So many people listen to respond instead of listening to actually listen and understand someone else.

Genuine happiness to see each other.

happy woman
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seeasea shared that having someone who is truly happy to see you whenever you get together is what does it for him. Not just a quick smile and wave, but seeing their whole face light up and their energy change when you walk into a room. That's true love.


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"Finding the interesting side of things you have never thought about before, your SO's passions, friends' hobbies, a topic in a movie/book/documentary... whatever. You will never run out of things to discover and get excited about, with such a person," shared Jimbo_Sandcastle.

Being true and straightforward.

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I_Love_Small_Breasts says that too many women today play games and speak in codes, and they are not always straightforward with how they feel and what they want. A woman who isn't like that, well that is something that they are interested in.

The way they treat your kids.

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"As a married man, how good my wife is to our kids. How much they love her reminds me every day that I chose the right woman. I have known too many men that chose a pulse over the character of the woman they're with and end up getting [expletive] up pretty bad at the end of the relationship," said valboots.

Kindness to animals.

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SintaxSyns shared the way that a woman treats animals is very important to them. Being kind to dogs is one thing, but there should be a space in their heart for all animals, no matter what kind. That is something they hold near and dear to their heart.

Having a passion.

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KaladinarLighteyes said they love to watch someone "geek" out over things they are passionate about. Sometimes, people don't have any passions or hobbies that they hold in high regard. Therefore, seeing someone who is, is what makes them happy.

Being sure of themselves.

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UltimoGinger49 said that a woman who is confident in who she is and what she wants in life is super attractive. No one wants someone who questions everything and goes back and forth all of the time. Confidence is key.

Eye contact.

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"Random, intentional eye contact. Not the kind where you accidentally make eye contact across the room, but when she randomly turns to you and stares at your face until you look at them. Even in a playful manner or when they’re trying to just get your attention and do it while poking you or something. God damn," shared lolwhow.

Being independent.

independent woman
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AndrewFurg shared that a woman who can be independent is what he loves. Spending time together is great, but no one wants someone who is attached to them all of the time and cannot do anything alone. We always want to share our time with someone, but need our space.

Culinary skills.

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Lilium_fur2 said that a woman who cooks is what does it for him. Men love a nice home-cooked meal from time to time and having a woman in their life who knows how to cook their favorite meal is perfect.

Sharing a brain.

smart woman
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"When she basically reads my mind and we both blurt out the same thing. For instance, a REALLY good friend of mine who I hang out with a lot, will ask what we should get to eat. We'll be thinking about it for a bit, and then give the same suggestion. I can't help but to feel quite attracted to her more than I already am," said operator_mcjewfro.