5+ Comments Women Are Still Forced To Hear All The Time

Sadly, many women know what it's like to hear a sexist comment directed at them. One artist decided to bring awareness to the sexist language surrounding women on a daily basis by creating a photo series that displays these comments.

Artist Rora Blue decided to capture the sexist comments she and other women receive on a daily basis in a photo series called Handle With Care.

She took these comments and displayed them in provocative ways on clothing, women's bodies, or in everyday objects.

In light of the #MeToo movement, the photos accurately represent the current struggles of women.

"The photos aim to capture modern-day sexism and some of the pressures that women face in society today," Rora said in her Instagram post.

When sharing the photos on Instagram, Rora invited people to share the sexist messages they've encountered in the comments section.

Some of the photos' messages came directly from those Instagram comments.

The comments range from critiques on a woman's appearance to their decision to not have children.

Even in 2019, women still hear these comments on a regular basis. They've become so normal, people don't even realize they are sexist.

Even though some of these comments are meant as jokes, for women who hear them regularly, they are not funny.

People still joke about women needing to "stay in the kitchen" which undermines their own aspirations and achievements if they are not interested in being a homemaker.

Rora's photos are dominated by the color red.

The composition and colors of the photo series are as compelling as the messages they communicate.

These photos are an important reminder that women experience sexism on a regular basis.

Whether it's on the street, at work, or online, sexist language is still harmful to those on the receiving end of these comments.