The Most Infuriating Things Someone Could Ever Do

Paddy Clarke

This world plays host to some people whose sole purpose is to spend their days irritating other people in the most menial manner possible.

And, to prove this fact, here are the most infuriating things someone could, and frequently do, ever do!

"The cable guy installed the cable through our Hula Hoop that we left out!"

"Dave, we should probably move that hula hoop..."

"Steve, are we hula hoop movers?"


"Right, so get to work."

"The peas are upside down..."

When I first saw this I thought, "What, how can peas be upside down?" But, once you realize, dear God, it is quietly unsettling.

"When you're low-key lonely..."

Oh, come on! I don't care how lonely you are, put some damn shoes on in McDonald's! Disgusting!

"The way the USPS shoved this record into my mailbox. Package lockers were literally three feet away."

This is extremely hard to look at. What kind of asshat would do this? Surely they could feel that it wasn't meant to be bent, provided that the writing telling them not to bend it proved too difficult to decipher.

Why Would They Do This?

"But, how do I get this one open?"

"Looks like you'll have to buy another one to open the first opener!"

"Oh, I guess you're right...wait a second!"

"Someone doesn't know how to read blueprints..."

Surely this has to be intentional? However, it's still incredibly annoying even if so! How could you look at that every day?

"From the outlet mall..."

And this is why people have trust issues! If you can't trust discount malls, then who can you trust in this world?!

"My neighbours built a deck that looks directly into my bedroom."

A few people began suggesting strange things that this person could do in that room to make sure that they wouldn't want to sit there any longer. Give your best suggestion below, but don't make them too weird!

"This isn't how it works..."

It's an incredibly good trick to get you to get more cookies, but it's very annoying — especially so if your next one said, "Pay no heed to the previous cookie."

"The 8 is upside down..."

Damn, now that I have seen that, I can't think of anything else. It has even managed to distract me from the thought of Burger King's bland, soggy burgers.

"This toilet paper roll!"

This is the sort of irritating behavior that requires a lot of effort to accomplish! It is awful, but I can't help but respect the time that they wasted on this.

"They were going 62, 61.5, and 60 mph..."

I'm sure that this one will hit home for a lot of people, almost everyone has had an encounter with something of this nature I imagine.

"What kind of terrible direction is common core math taking?"

Sometimes it really is no wonder that some kids absolutely hate school, is it?

"101 ways to free yourself from plastic!"

This book is simply a test, and if you buy it, then you fail.


Good to see that it's not just physical schoolwork that can be an absolute ass, but electronic schoolwork can be too!

"Some men just want to watch the world burn."

I mean, that would be one hell of a slice you could enjoy, but you would be the nemesis of everyone who you were sharing it with!

"It's the little things I do that really irritate the hell out of my wife."

Nope, there's no way I could live with this person. That is just grounds for divorce right there.

"Threw my swatter at a fly. Don't ask questions because I don't have answers."

They also went on to say that they didn't even manage to hit the fly out of the air with this manoeuvre.

"Kid opened otherwise perfectly sorted art supplies upside down."

If you make them put it all back, it'll be a great lesson in focus and organization!

"'Small pancake mix' Also it cost more?!"

If I make big pancakes with the small pancake mix, what happens? Does the world explode?

"I hate my family."

I know there's already a "piece taken from the middle" picture in this list, but it stings more knowing it came from family.

"He had one job..."

If you forget to lock the door, don't fret! The door will bash into your knees, thus preventing it from opening fully.

"My Cheesy Gordita Crunch Had Some Extra Kick To It."

They're experimenting with adding a little more crunch to their dishes, but they might have gone overboard.

"The way my dad hangs his calendar."

No. Sorry, this is just unacceptable. It has a hole for a pushpin or a nail, use it!

"The sudoku on the cover of this puzzle book is wrong."

Here's hoping no one's using this book to learn sudoku.

"How do I get this package out?"

Very carefully (and maybe with some tape, stick it on and pull it out).

"Bought a box on Amazon, it came delivered in a box, which was also in a box."

Not that I thought Amazon of all places was extremely concerned with their ecological footprint, but this is kind of excessive.

"My mom refused to take the plastic off the table."

What? Really, what? Has she heard of the wonderful things called tablecloths?

"Found this in the house. I'm scared about my safety."

Yes, the way they opened it is a crime when it has a cap, but I'm hung up on this condiment bag. I thought these things were only for puréed fruits for children.

"When [...] you allow the truck to install an update while you're in the store, then the truck won't start until the update is finished."

This is why I'm skeptical of "smart" devices and other things that constantly need updates. I don't want to be locked out of my car or my appliances one day.

"This exit sign at my school."

You can't leave that way, but you can leavə.

"The switch labels in this rental home."

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Imagine, you hit the "???" switch. It doesn't turn on a light, but it does open a trap door beneath you. Behold, a secret villain lair under the house. Thus begins your adventure.

"My wife ate every single marshmallow in a family sized box of Count Chocula. EVERY SINGLE ONE."

That's actually kind of impressive that she managed to do that... The worst kind of impressive, that is!

"Why write the ‘S’ like that?"

"Happy Birthday, Alicia! Please tell your coworker that they write the letter S like a weirdo!"

"The chairs waiting for you in the LASER EYE CLINIC's reception!"

This is either unbelievably dense, or it is the cruelest joke I've seen for a long time!