15 Lies Men Tell Their Women

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In relationships, many always say that the truth should be put above everything else. Couples often believe that there is absolutely no room for lies in any relationship. However, there are a few times in relationships where a partner feels they have to lie.

Now, we're not talking about huge, big, colossal lies—but little white lies that are okay, just to make their partner feel better or even put their minds at ease. Sometimes, men tell some white lies to their ladies, just because they have to.

"We can always come back later."

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moosecakems shared what all men know to be true—they hate going shopping. Sometimes, your girl will want to go shopping for hours upon hours upon hours. Instead of staying in the same store forever, he'll lie and say, "we can always come back later," knowing deep down, they will not come back later.

"It wasn't too heavy."

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Guys will always try to show that they're the macho, strong men in the relationship and that means carrying everything that's heavy. ONE_GUY_ONE_JAR shared that most men, including him, will lie and say that "it's not that heavy," to show that they're "the man," but, most of the time it's pretty damn heavy.

"Sure, I like the red curtains over the green ones!"

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ItsJustBeenRevoked2 revealed that whenever it comes to decorating and shopping for home decor, men will lie and say they like something over something else, just because they don't care about it at all. They'll pick a color curtain, counter, towel—whatever it may be—just so they can be left alone.

"Oh yeah, I love hanging out with your friends."

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davidmx45 shared that all guys know a woman doesn't want to hear that they don't like their girlfriends. So, they will lie and say that they enjoy going out with them and hanging out with them—despite the fact that they do not like their friends at all. Sometimes, things are better left unsaid.

"I rarely check my email, sorry."

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'"Sure, just drop me an e-mail. I might not get back to you right away. I only check mine about once a day.'

Reality: Obsessively clicking refresh, wondering why she hasn't written yet, then sigh when Inbox count flips to 2,044, curse when it's an Omaha Steak coupon, go back to clicking refresh. When I finally get a response hours later, I then debate how long to wait to write a reply, lest I give my lack of game away," said laterdude.

"I might be busy but I'll let you know."

video games

AnotherCellarDoor said that he often lies a little bit when he doesn't want to go out and be super social with people. He said that if he knows he wants to stay home and play video games or just relax, he says that he may be busy so he can avoid going out.

"Sure, we can stay friends."

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Kgb529 shared that when girls break up with them and ask for them to stay friends, they always say, "yes, we can stay friends." But, in reality, they are most definitely not going to stay friends in the long run. Friendships aren't built on breakups.

"The game is almost over."

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superpocket confessed most men lie about how much time is left in the game. Now, the game can be just about any game. It may be a video game they are playing. Or, it could be the football game on TV. Or, they could even be playing a poker game with friends. Reality? The game is not over.

"Let's keep it casual."

casual date
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FlyingChange said that some men lie and say that they want to keep it casual, because they don't want to come off as super clingy. But, in reality, there are times when men are just as clingy in a relationship with someone and also "plan their wedding" in their head.

"My dogs love you!"

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"'My dog loves you! She avoids you because she doesn't want to trip you!'

(Actually, she was jealous. Any time the (now ex-) wife would cuddle or get close to me, Sasha (my dog) would push in between us... To be fair, Sasha was in my life before I got married...," shared Shock_Hazzard.

"Of course I did it."

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endospores said that whenever his wife asks him to do something, and he forgets, he will lie and say that he did do it—but the kids "undid it." He always blames the kids and says, "you know kids, they always undo everything that you've done!"

"We don't notice all the changes."

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"That once we're in a committed relationship, we don't notice the sweatpants, the lack of attention to hair and makeup, or the few extra pounds.

we do, but you're all we've got, and making you sad or angry is bad for us.

pretty sure girls do the same thing for their partners, of course," shared another Reddit user.

"Just worked out."

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lanni957 said that during the "talking stage" of relationships, guys always try to play it up like they are working out a lot and have a very active life. In reality, they are sitting on their couch watching TV. But, it's nice to think they're active and fit.

"It's okay if you don't text back."

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ImDotTK shared that guys will lie and say it's "okay" if a woman doesn't text back often or have the time to talk all day, but truly some guys like it when a girl wants to talk to them all day long. There's no shame in liking someone!