People Are Sharing Their 'Unspoken' Rules Of Relationships

Being in a relationship is a lot of hard work and sometimes, things are up, and sometimes they are down. Many people know that no matter what, there are things that you can do to make the hard days a bit easier.

Therefore, people online are sharing their unspoken relationship rules that they follow and feel that everyone else should follow, too.

Believe people when they show you who they are.

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One person shared that you should accept people for who they are and never expect them to change, especially to fit your needs.

People usually are who they are and don't usually ever change completely into a different person.

Selfish people do selfish things.

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Someone shared that if the person you're dating is only focused on their wants and needs and they never ask about your wants or needs, you shouldn't date them at all.

That's very selfish and you'll never be happy or satisfied.

Trust me or don't, but don't invade my privacy.

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"Do not start swiping if I’m showing you a pic on my phone/if I give you my phone to borrow for whatever reason I approve of, use it for that appropriate reason, do not go through my phone or use it for other things," another shared.

Know your boundaries.

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Something you need to know about yourself when you're dating is to know your boundaries.

One person shared that knowing your boundaries means you'll know what you will and won't tolerate. It's important to figure it out before it's too late.

Don't control people.

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"Do not try to control your better half. They are not your puppets. Do not get suspicious of everything they do and investigate their mobile phones . Let them have their own Ids and passwords. just because you two are together doesn't mean you must scrutinize every message or every mail," one person said.

Don't be reckless.

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One person shared that you shouldn't be "reckless" with other people's hearts, especially when they trust you with theirs.

You also shouldn't waste time on those who are reckless with your heart.


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"Communicate with me to the best of your ability [i am not a mind or particularly adept body language reader]: I am human. The easiest way for me to help you is for me to hear about what’s bothering you," another shared.

Keep it real or keeping it moving.

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"If a guy hasn’t brought up exclusivity or asked me to be his girlfriend by 3rd month of dating. I’m dumping him, no exceptions. Even (especially) if I’m head over heels over him. I need labels, I need to know where I stand or I’m out," one person added.

Always be honest.

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One person said it's important to always be honest and truthful no matter what. If you know you're going to get in trouble, soldier up and come forward.

Lying will always make things way worse than telling the truth will.

Cut the drama out.

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It's important that all the drama is out of the relationship. Sometimes, things are too petty to get mad about.

Being passive-aggressive is a waste of time and will only cause headaches and stress. Being crazy about small things will cause the relationship to fail.

Keep the romance alive.

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"You may have love for someone forever. But that doesn't mean you choose to love that person forever. The choice to love is not a feeling; it is an action. That is why it is so difficult. It requires you to do something, and I'm not just talking about buying flowers or going for a romantic date. It might mean putting your wants aside," another said.

Don't be a fixer.

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One guy shared that it's important to not always be a fixer.

Many women want to be understood and heard before their partners are going around just trying t fix everything. "Seek to understand, then to be understood," he said.

Things change from time-to-time.

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Someone shared that it's important to understand every day won't always be each person putting in 50/50. Sometimes, it will be 90/10, sometimes, 80/20.

It varies and it's important to be understanding of the situation and what is going on.

Pick your battles.

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"If you are going to get into an argument, just take a split second and ask yourself if it's worth it. Is this the thing you want to stand your ground on? Is this the fight you must win?

This is what they mean when they say "Pick your battles," another shared.

Chemistry may change.

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Another added that the ability to love may change and it's not constant.

"It fluctuates, depending on where you're at in your life and what you're struggling with. Sometimes it is easy to love. Sometimes it is extremely difficult."

Check in with your significant other.

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"If you’re out somewhere, please check in every now and then to let me know that you’re fine. It doesn’t have to be a novel of a message, but just something to let me know that you’re okay and not dying," another person added on.

Don't make me cry in my own home.

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One person shared these wise words to live by:

"Don’t make me cry in my own house. This is my safe space. If you make me cry, you’re no longer safe for me. This is a massive problem and will be addressed."

Let it go and try new things.

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"Be slutty with your spouse. Don't be afraid to experiment with your partner. Don't hold anything back. The best thing that can happen between two people is to be completely vulnerable with each other. It is such a significant part of the marriage and don't forget it," another shared.

There are no rules.

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Some people say that you shouldn't listen to anyone else. You should always do what you think is best.

Every relationship is different and sometimes, listening to other people can put you in a bad situation with your own relationship.