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A Man Tracked Down A Woman Who Ignored Him On A Dating App To Complain

In today's day and age, dating has gotten a lot more intense with the creation of online dating apps. Many people use them because they're super convenient and easy when we're trying to meet new people outside of our social circles.

However, we've all heard some horror stories of dating apps gone wrong, where some people can't take a hint or take no for an answer.

Most dating apps allow you to message directly on the app itself.

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Whether you're using Bumble, Tinder, or Hinge, the apps allow you to message back and forth with someone privately.

You can also decide whether or not the person who matched with you is worth matching back with. Sometimes, you end up "swiping left" on someone who swiped right on you.

However, the other party may be offended or even mad about it.

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Some people don't take rejection very well and because of this, they can retaliate and do some wild and aggressive things.

Like, for example, hunting down the person who unmatched them to confront them and ask for some legitimate answers.

Twitter user Natalia Antonova shared the story of a Bumble interaction gone wrong on her social media page.

Twitter l @NataliaAntonova

Antonova shared the DM conversation she received from a "stranger," in which the guy asked her "why she accepted his DM" in the first place.

She shared that she was impressed by his "opinion on soup," hinting at his humor. He then said that he had "swiped right on her on Bumble."

The guy also shared that after she didn't swipe back, he found her on Instagram.

Twitter l @NataliaAntonova

Using some wild FBI skills, the guy found her Instagram profile and decided to go for it a second time.

He then called her out for "being shallow" and not swiping back on him. Clearly, Antonova was not happy with this kind of accusation.

He accused her of "harshly judging" his Bumble profile.

Twitter l @NataliaAntonova

However, she claimed that she couldn't even remember his Bumble profile at all.

Additionally, she said it was "weird and wrong" for him to assume that and go to such great lengths to find her and call her out on something like this.

He then proceeded to semi-slut shame her.

Twitter l @NataliaAntonova

The guy then began to call her out on "how many Bumble matches" she gets and called it "scandalous." Clearly, he has no idea how to talk to a woman.

Antonova called him out on the accusation, saying that it's not really scandalous at all.

The guy then tried to make her feel guilty for his "bruised ego."

Twitter l @NataliaAntonova

Antonova had a great comeback, saying that it's "not her job to flatter him." Additionally, she said that calling her shallow wasn't going to get him anywhere with her.

She claimed that acting "insecure" and "rudely demanding" validation is not how men get girls in the first place.

Then, it took a turn for the worst.

Twitter l @NataliaAntonova

The guy proceeded to try and insult her by calling her a "single mom," as if it's an insult.

Antonova owned it, saying she "sure is," and then proceeded to drag him for stalking her down, coming up with a "clever response" to get into her DMs, and totally dropped the ball by being a d-bag.

After he realized he possibly could have had a shot, and blew it, he tried to save himself.

Twitter l @NataliaAntonova

The guy said he "apologizes" for the single mom comment and wanted to see if he could buy her dinner to make up for it. After insulting her for a good few minutes and calling her a "single mom" as an insult, he still wanted to go out with her.

Clearly, Antonova had a good laugh that day.

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