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Gordon Ramsay's Son Is Making Grumpy Faces That Put His Dad's To Shame

Celebrity kids looking like their parents is nothing new, even though we do absolutely love to see it.

Of course, it usually takes a few years before the resemblance really takes hold, since most babies just look like babies. Not for Gordon Ramsay and his son Oscar, however.

Gordon's youngest child, Oscar, is a few months of shy of being a year old.

Instagram | @gordongram

It didn't take him long to develop his dad's grumpy face, only it looks a whole lot cuter on him than on Gordon (sorry, Chef, just being real!).

Obviously, fans had a lot to say about this resemblance on Twitter.

People were quick to compare him to his dad.

One fan said he looked ready to call people idiot sandwiches. I don't know if it would hurt more or less to be called an idiot sandwich by a baby, but it looks like someone might be finding out soon.

Babies don't have a very varied diet, but fans did know something Oscar could probably criticize.

At least if Oscar's like his dad and screaming about how things are raw, breast milk isn't supposed to be cook, so Gordon's wife is in the clear.

Fans were speculating about what Oscar would be like on playdates.

Honestly, I think playing restaurant might be a pit passé, but playing restaurant AND food critic seems like a perfect way to spice things up.

Jokes aside, Oscar is an adorable baby, and we love seeing him twinning with Gordon!