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Fans Think JLo's Daughter 'Looks So Much Like Her' After Super Bowl Halftime Show

When it comes to the Super Bowl Halftime show, you either totally bomb it or you totally kill it — there's no room for in-between during one of the biggest nights of the year. Last night during Super Bowl LIV, the Halftime show put on by Jennifer Lopez and Shakira definitely fell on the "killed it" side of things.

Not only were Jennifer Lopez and Shakira amazing, so were all the guests they brought out with them.

Sure, they brought out more Latin superstars like J Balvin and Bad Bunny, but in a guest spot that stole the spotlight, Jennifer Lopez's 11-year-old daughter Emme joined her mother on stage and sang her heart out.

Fans were excited to see Emme perform with her mother.

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Fans already knew what a fantastic voice Emme had after her cover of Alicia Keys' 'If I Ain't Got You' went viral showcasing her powerful pipes.

Emme's dad, singer Marc Anthony, tweeted about how proud he was of his daughter.

Of course, fans had tons of wonderful things to say about Emme's performance, but fans also noticed a striking similarity between the pre-teen singer and her superstar mother.

One fan said how much they look alike is "scary."

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They're not wrong — clearly Emme has inherited more than just her parents' singing talents and performance ability, she's also inherited their gorgeous faces!

One fan called Emme "JLo 2.0."

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It is nice to know that the talent from the Lopez/Anthony bloodline will live on — who knows, maybe Emme will be headlining her own Super Bowl Halftime show in a few years!

Even people who didn't know they were related noted the resemblance.

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Fans who didn't realize it was Jennifer's daughter up on stage with her couldn't help but notice the striking similarity.

I'm sure they figured it out soon enough!

Jennifer and Emme's performance together was incredibly touching.

I guess some Take Your Kids To Work Days are more exciting than others!

What did you think of Jennifer and Shakira's Half Time show? Did they nail it, or were you left wanting more?