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Gordon Ramsay Is Facing Backlash After Refusing To Cook For President Trump

Celebrity chef and also very real chef Gordon Ramsay is facing a LOT OF MIXED EMOTIONS over his refusal to cook for President Donald Trump.

Look, Gordon Ramsay is a no-nonsense kinda guy.

He is never afraid to speak his mind or let people know EXACTLY what he's thinking.

So when it was reported by "The Daily Record" on Monday that Gordon Ramsay turned down the opportunity to prepare a dinner at Blenheim Palace in the UK, many Gordon fans knew he meant business!

Since Donald Trump was included on the guest list for the Blenheim Palace dinner, it was a strong no for the celebrity chef.

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Gordon's reply was simple: "Thank you but no thank you."

The reactions to Gordon's decision have been HELLA mixed, to say the least.

Naturally, the people took to Twitter let it alll hangout.

Some people thought it was ~mad~ disrespectful of Gordon.

"How rude and disrespectful!! Trump 2020 & beyond!!" wrote one Twitter user.

"He can run a kitchen but not a country!" sassed this Twitter user.

As someone that has worked in restaurants, I think many of us would argue running a kitchen is JUST AS HARD as running the country!!!!!!!

This guy shaded Gordon's CULINARY SKILLZ and said he could beat him with FROZEN FOOD!!


However, in addition to the backlash, Gordon has been getting a lot of praise!!!!

"I always hated that guy, he's always shouting. Now I have to reevaluate everything," joked one Twitter user.

"It goes without saying a professional won't lower their standards for anyone," wrote another.

It's a TBH baller move, there is _no_denying that!

The puns have been... delicious, to say the least.

Chef jokes are just so easy to make!

Some Twitter users pointed out that Gordon cooked for Russian president Vladimir Putin back in 2010.

Gordon donated his proceeds from that dinner to charity.

Now I have to point out that a lot of jokes were made about the President's well known LOVE of fast food!

It's no secret President Trump has a great fondness for takeout.

The President is also known for enjoying a well-done steak *with* ketchup.

A TOTAL SIN in the culinary world!

I think it's awesome for anyone to stick up for what they believe in!

It seems like a lot of people have gained respect for Mr. Ramsay.

What do you think about Gordon's decision?!

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