19 Controversial Food Opinions

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Food opinions can be hella controversial.

You try telling an Italian that pineapple belongs on pizza! Or massive meat-eaters that a lot of meats, including processed meats, are classified as group one and two carcinogens

In other words, it won’t go well. A whole online riot started when u/NaiveAbbreviations5 asked people to share their most controversial food opinions. Here are their answers:

That American Chinese food is amazing

Rice dish
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If it's not 100 percent authentic, people love to bash on different cultures for making Americanized food.

One Redditor argued that these people immigrated to a new land to support themselves. Just because their food is adapted to American tastes doesn't mean that it's bad.

That food shouldn't be restricted to a certain time

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"People are too caught up with rules about eating certain foods only certain times of day. 'Breakfast food' doesn’t have to be eaten in the morning and you can have a bowl of soup or a rack of ribs for breakfast if you want." - u/Sorry-Escape3904

That organic food isn't as magical as it seems

Miley Cyrus eating fruit
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"Coming from someone who has both farmed it and hauled it, the amount of bugs and rot that goes down the line is sad. Someone said it best when they said 'organic farming is the art of taking land that could feed 1,000 people, and only feeding 100 people with it.'" - u/twisted_nipples82

That there is a thing as too much garlic

Garlic head
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Oh, no they didn't! Many people, myself included, are firm believers that garlic is measured with your heart. But some Redditors argue that too much garlic left their breath stinking for a long time.

That cultural appropriation is an idiotic thing to get upset over when it comes to food

Asian cuisine
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"So many dishes are a blend of many cultures, and it’s not a big deal if someone from a different race wants to try cooking that food. It’s appreciation, not appropriation." - u/TheKarmanicMechanic

That putting food in a full stomach is just as much of a waste as throwing it out

Gilmore Girls characters cooking
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"It happens sometimes, which is okay. Really, though, the best thing to do with extra food is save it or give it to someone who will appreciate it." - u/insertcaffeine

That honey mustard goes well with mozzarella sticks

mozzarella sticks
Unsplash | gladys arivia

Sorry, marinara sauce! One Redditor prefers this combination more. Another argued that honey mustard is the best condiment there is, as it goes so well with foods like fries and chicken. Yum!

That nuts in baked goods is awful

Banana bread
Unsplash | Jeff Siepman

"I hate nuts in baked goods. Almonds in cookies, walnuts in brownies, I might make an exception for peanuts if it's a peanut butter-flavored item, but the rest just do nothing for me and reduce the flavor." - u/deleted

That Brussel sprouts are actually delicious

SNL characters eating Brussel sprouts
Giphy | Saturday Night Live

"I was forced to eat it raw as a child for familial amusement. I utterly avoided it for about two decades until one of my friends gave it to me soaked in garlic and perfectly roasted. It was a revelatory experience." - u/moregloommoredoom

That they're tired of the pineapple on pizza argument

Pineapple on pizza
Unsplash | Mike Hindle

Many Redditors believe that people shouldn't care what another person likes to eat. All tastes all different! This applies to all foods. Not everyone loves pepperoni on pizza, just like some people hate chocolate ice cream (yes, it's true).

That they love leftovers

Monica chopping up vegetables
Refinery29 | NBC

"I love leftovers, and if you don't like leftovers then you are too picky for my taste. Having leftover food means I don't have to put in effort for my next meal, and when reheated properly it can taste just as good if not better than cooked fresh." - u/steelers52598

That spicy food is overrated

Woman eating spicy food
Giphy | Saturday Night Live

"Being able to tolerate extreme spice does not make you tough or cool. I’m sure someone’s 10-year-old nephew is very impressed, but that’s about the extent of it." -u/SomeDrillingImplied. Also, have fun on the toilet later!

That steak is more interesting when it's not cooked to a certain doneness

Unsplash | José Ignacio Pompé

They believe that steak can be served in other ways besides as a huge slab of meat that's accompanied with potatoes and veggies on the side. It can be cooked in stir-frys as well!

That well-cooked and well-seasoned/flavored tofu is better than any meat out there

Justin Timberlake dressed as tofu

Challenge: swap out one meat-based meal a week for tofu! "Also mediocre chicken is far superior to mediocre beef but amazing beef is better than amazing chicken IMO." -u/pekkauser

That Vegetarian dishes trump meat

Female cooks
Refinery29 | Neflix

"Any decently made vegetarian dish tastes vastly better than a good steak or lamb shank. I'll take a curry with jasmine/basmati rice on the side over any meat dish you could give me." - u/ZeroTiers

That just because you add cheese and pepperoni to something does not make it a pizza

Unsplash | Ivan Torres

A lot of people have really been doing too much. Like adding cheese and pepperoni to naan bread and saying it's pizza. Or, calling a salad with these ingredients a pizza.

That lettuce, tomatoes and onions do NOT belong in burgers, hot sandwiches or cold sandwiches of any kind

Vegetables with burger
Unsplash | emy

Fighting words!

"Veggies belong in my salads, or other complimenting foods. Sandwiches are for meat, cheese and condiments. Pickles are allowed." - u/Revolutionary-Ring26

Hummus is not to be messed with

Unsplash | Ojashri Basnyat

One Redditor wrote that companies need to stop creating abominations like pumpkin and chocolate hummus. Just eat regular pudding if that's the case! This defeats the health and flavor purpose of the original chickpea version.

That avocados are gross

Unsplash | Dirk Ribbler

Some people can't get on board with the avocado toast train. One Redditor wrote that they taste like wet grass, while another shared that it's either too hard, or just mushy. "And even then, it's just mostly tasteless."

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