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19 Controversial Food Opinions That I'm Personally Loving

Food preferences are always a controversial topic.

Take a person who likes pineapple on pizza, for example, or someone who thinks that peanut butter and Nutella are disgusting. The blasphemy!

This just proves that not all food opinions are universal! And that's okay.

Here are 19 controversial food opinions that will definitely flare some tempers!

There's no such thing as "breakfast food"

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This person states that you can eat a steak in the morning and fry an egg for dinner if you want. At the end (or beginning) of the day, it's just food. Steak and eggs, anyone?

You can dislike a food simply for its texture, not the taste

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"I don’t mind the taste of baked beans but I hate how slimy they are and don’t even get me started on when they’re cold." - u/deleted

If the dish doesn't otherwise require the use of hands, there should not be trails on your shrimp

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"I don't want to be fishing around in my damn pasta because you couldn't be bothered to remove the tails first." - u/bkrimzen

Not all moms or grandmas are amazing cooks


As much as we wish this was true, it's not. This person says that their mother makes Brussel sprouts in the microwave with orange marmalade. Other people can certainly relate.

Some food tastes better a little bit burnt

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Let's rattle off a few examples, shall we? Corn on the cob, marshmallows, hot dogs, tortillas, and Brussels sprouts. It adds a nice charred flavor to these items!

Croc pot liners are useless


"Crock pots don't even take long to clean and that's generally the only thing other than plates/utensils that'll need to be cleaned after you eat. You're only saving yourself a couple of minutes. My best friend has disposable everything and it [expletive] drives me bonkers." -u/Alexstarfire

Restaurants should stop trying to make vegetarian dishes

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"I am vegetarian. Most restaurants should just stop serving vegetarian dishes if they can't be bothered to make something that tastes good. You cannot just put kale, quinoa, some random veg, and a vinaigrette in a bowl and charge $25." - u/goatpengertie

Red onions should be called purple onions

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FINALLY someone said it! It makes no sense to call them red onions when they are obviously purple, both before and after cooking. Color matters when it comes to vegetables.

You can teach yourself to like/tolerate certain foods if you want to


"I sort of forced myself to 'like' peas until one day I found I actually do like them. Same with Scotch, smelly cheese, cigarettes and wasabi." - u/chrysalis_stage

You CAN alter classic recipes


"Anyone who gets mad at the tiny change you made to some classic italian dish is really just mad that your version tastes better than their grandmother's. Sometimes I put garlic in my carbonara just to watch the world burn. Its pretty good." - u/MrPeppa

As an adult, you should clean as you cook

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Sure, it's tiring, but so is a massive amount of dishes at the end of cooking. One Redditor who went to culinary school said that it was the single most important thing they learned.

You don't have to serve spaghetti with the sauce in a dollop on top

"It's ok to mix the sauce into the spaghetti and then serve it. Especially if everyone is eating the exact same thing." - u/AnnieOakleysKid

The microwave can be used for actual cooking and not only reheating or only convenience foods

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"Most people don't know how to use its capabilities," this Redditor wrote. We guess you can make those orange marmalade Brussel sprouts like that person's mother makes.

Not every meal needs to have an animal in it


The person who shared this isn't even vegan or vegetarian, so you know that they mean it! They said that adding a number of meatless dishes to your diet is a good change of pace.

“Washing” meat in the sink before you cook it is pointless and frankly gross

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"You’re just spreading more bacteria when you let the water and meat juices splash around with each other." - u/kayciance

Well done doesn’t mean burnt and flavorless


"While I eat medium burgers and steak myself (unless there’s a ton of toppings then I’ll do smashed patties), it’s totally possible to have a nice juicy well done version of these things." - u/deleted

Mixing peanut butter in your butter when baking chicken adds incredible savory and sweet notes

We never thought to try this, but this sounds super delicious! Just make sure the person you're cooking for isn't allergic to nuts.

People overseason their food

"TikTok videos especially with comments like 'it ain't seasoned until someone sneezing' while dumping dried herbs all over and smothering the meat. Especially with good cuts of steak, kosher salt and ground pepper is all you need." - u/foxbluesocks

MSG is a miracle ingredient in a lot of dishes


"The glorification of MSG-free foods is deeply rooted in anti-Chinese racism (googling ‘MSG racism’ will give a lot of interesting results). It’s delicious, and I keep a salt shaker full of the stuff around." - u/GiraffeCreature