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Twitter Users Share Some Of Their Controversial Food Opinions

One of the best parts about being human is that we're all different.

We have different music tastes, different careers, and different hobbies. We also most certainly have different tastes in foods.

What may sound delicious to one person may make another gag. Ah, the joys of being human!

Here, Twitter users share their controversial food opinions. Come see which ones you agree with!

"Thanksgiving dinner food is so overrated"


Chandler Bing from Friends would certainly agree with this one. "The only food served that’s any good is the mashed potatoes. Which is why we eat them year round," they added. Agree?

"Sour cream actually makes things worse"

This one hurts the heart. All we can think about is putting a large dollop of sour cream on so many different food items. A baked potato, nachos, a taco, burrito, chili. Mmm.

"Meat is overated"

This Twitter user clearly proved that they're a vegetarian when they made this bold statement.

They claim what people really crave is the flavor of seasonings and sauces since it's what we're all used to. Agree?

"French fries dipped in a Wendy’s chocolate Frosty"

If you've tried it, you know. It's the best kind of combination that you wouldn't think works, but oh, it does.

This also further proves the point that chocolate most certainly does belong with everything.

"Watermelon. What's the point?"

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"Gets you all messy, not even very tasty," added this Twitter user. Yes, it can be super messy due to the high water content, but the flavor part? "Watermelon smoothie on a hot day is mighty nice," countered this person.

"Fruit does not belong in or on pie"

We're guessing this person only takes pumpkin or pecan pie! That, or more pie crust. It's the only explanation since a lot of Twitter users were wondering what the substitute would be.

"Not everything is improved by adding chocolate or chocolate chips, ex. banana bread and pancakes"

Bite your tongue, lady! Chocate solves everything. It most definitely adds extra sweetness to baked goods such as banana bread or breakfast foods. Why do you think chocolate cereal exists?

"Ketchup should be illegal on hot dogs"

This is a pretty loaded statement, considering barbeque season is now upon us.

How could you not pair a crisp hot dog with ketchup? If you saw how hot dogs were made, you'd want ketchup to mask the natural taste.

"The bad rap that Brussels Sprouts had up until recently was totally deserved"

"They suck. Their recent acceptance/popularity is the work of the deep state," wrote this person. Personally, I hated them as a kid, but now tolerate them as an adult.

"Cucumbers taste awful. So do beets."


We can hear the comeback from Dwight Schrute from The Office already. He thinks beets are delicious, but we do agree that it's not everyone's favorite food. As for cucumbers, eh, throw them into a cocktail.

"Vanilla ice cream is without a doubt better than chocolate ice cream"

Both are delicious, but this person ranks vanilla on top. To be fair, you can do more with vanilla ice cream, like add in tropical fruit and other mix-ins.

"Lettuce serves no purpose, we just use it because no one is brave enough to stop"

Rabbit food or food that adds a nice crunch? Other users argued over this, with one person saying that lettuce "makes or breaks a sandwich or burger."

"Chips and salsa can be eaten as a meal"

No dinner? No problem! Just toss some nacho chips in a bowl and dip in salsa. We're still not sure where people stand on sour cream after one slandered it.

"In-N-Out burgers are over hyped, over rated and just plain ordinary"

Did you even eat an In-N-Out burger if you didn't post it to your Instagram feed? The celebrities who post about it are probably what got it so overhyped in the first place.

"Lobster is not worth the effort"

Some would say that lobsters are the "cockroach of the sea." gags. For a long time, they were regarded as a sign of poverty. While they're accepted in modern times, you basically have to work for your dinner.

"Only black coffee is real coffee"

This person believes that coffee with any additives i.e milk, cream, or sugar, is not really coffee. Does our morning whiskey count? What about a nice splash of Bailey's to start the day?

"I actually like pizzas with pineapple and onions. Both. Together."

Unsplash | bckfwd

Ah, the ole "pineapple on pizza" debacle. But this person took it one step further by adding that they like both pineapple and onions on pizza together.

We can only imagine the Italians sharpening their pitch forks right now.

"I don’t get meatloaf"

"Why take a good piece of meat, disassemble it into specks, and then reassemble and overcook it?" they continued. She's got a point. Plus, it's always slathered in a thick layer of ketchup.

"I enjoy oatmeal raisin cookies and would pick them over most cookies.

It's hard to imagine that anyone could actually enjoy raisins. While this person would pick them over most cookies, we would pick them out of most cookies.