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Pineapples In Burgers Are Really Good, I Promise

Pineapple, of all things, has become a topic of controversy in recent years.

Simply mention the words "pineapple and pizza" to an Italian and watch them physically recoil. That's not the only food combination that has people feeling sour about this sweet fruit.

Some are also against pineapple on burgers. If you're among those, get ready to be set straight.

The world has already accepted a lot of "weird" toppings on burgers.

Go to any gourmet burger place in town and you'll find everything from fried eggs to macaroni and cheese as toppings.

Some people, like me, even like to smother their burger with peanut butter (it's honestly addicting).

So what's the deal with adding a little pineapple to this fiesta?

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This tropical fruit is a welcome flavor to any burger. It's tangy and sweet, adding a flavor component that's similar to pickles.

Plus, it's got that satisfying crunch.

Not to mention that bright, vibrant yellow color will make your burger look that much more enticing.


Pineapple on burgers is the perfect menu item if you're having a Hawaiian-themed night. Just picture this: adorable sliders that your guests will rave about!

Wanna know the best way to make pineapple burgers? A lot of people like to infuse their pineapple with a teriyaki or soy sauce.

Those pair well together. Another option is to camamelize the pineapple so it becomes extra sweet and soft.

Bon app├ętit!