18 Home Interiors That Raised So Many Questions

It's easy to see beauty in great design. It's right there for you to admire. But the same can't be said about the opposite.

When interior design leaves you angry and confused, that's when you know the person who conceptualized it truly failed at their job. And here are some examples of that and more. Feast your eyes and feel lucky that these pictures aren't from your house, ha, ha!

1. This Toilet Location

I would really like to know what the designer of this bathroom thought when he put the toilet in that location, huh? You have to climb over the bathtub to get out. Yeah, that's a great idea.

2. This Safe Situation

Speaking of awkwardly positioned bathtubs, what do you think of this one? If you happen to forget there are stairs located in this spot, you'll surely remember it for next time right after you slip and fall.

3. This Interesting Idea

"Privacy? Never heard of her. Only showers with full viewing windows in this house."

Oh, wow! I don't know about you, but I like to have my shower in peace. I doubt that would be possible in this house here.

4. This Kitchen

I've heard of open concept kitchens, and I like them, but a close concept kitchen like this one makes absolutely no sense here. What was the point of it? Do you understand what's going on, or am I the only confused one?

5. This Spiral Staircase

Yes, let's install a spiral staircase that's also a tile. That's an awesome idea. Don't you think so? Something tells me that one slip-up, and it's an accident waiting to happen. So try at your own risk, ha, ha!

6. This Open Concept Bathroom

Having an en-suite bathroom in your bedroom is really convenient. However, I don't think I've ever seen one that has absolutely no door. I mean, what? This is the type of intimacy that I don't need.

7. This Living Room

Oh my goodness, what do we have here? Is that a pond I see in somebody's living room? Well, that's unusual, no? I have to be honest when I say I wouldn't necessarily go for that feature in my home.

8. This Elevated Kitchen

With the amount of running around I do in our home, I can already tell you this kitchen stair would be the bane of my existence. Why did they have to do that? I would be so annoyed.

9. This Marble Bathroom Floor

Why in the world would you use a marble design that looks like a stain on your bathroom floor? Why? This concept is the dumbest idea I have seen in a while. Do you hate it as much as I do?

10. This Apartment

Um, isn't this quite odd? Can you explain to me why stairs are leading up to a window and not a door? Whoever came up with this idea here must've been on something. Otherwise, I can't make any sense out of it at all.

11. This Cozy Bathroom

What is it with designers making everything so tight in the bathroom? Couldn't they have moved the toilet somewhere else in this room? How is anybody supposed to squeeze by to use the bathtub? I have so many questions, ha, ha.

12. This Odd Tile Choice

Speaking of bathrooms, here's something you should never do. Don't use a tile that looks like this, especially when you plan to sell your house. This design looks like somebody had an accident all over the place, and it's the epitome of crappy design, lol.

13. This Flat

Imagine trying to live in this flat? There's a shower right in the living room, alright. I guess you should hope nobody ever shows up early to visit before you had time to wash up, ha, ha. Good luck with that.

14. This Closet

Did the builders of this home forget to include a closet? So to "fix" their mistake they decided to put one up there with no actual way to get there? Oh my gosh, that's totally laughable, no?

15. This Carpet Wall

It doesn't surprise me when people still use carpets on their floors. It's not my favorite choice. However, I can honestly say I've never seen it applied to the walls, much less in somebody's bathroom. That's so gross.

16. This Staircase

Wait a minute, is somebody making a sick joke here? I thought this was an unfinished stairwell, but now I realize the boulders are part of the design. Try climbing up and down these stairs. I dare you, lol.

17. These Flooring Choices

On their own, these flooring choices are fine. There's no doubt that they clash when they're all next to each other, though. Yikes!

18. This House

I know we were supposed to discuss terrible interior designs, but I couldn't let this one go, haha. I have no idea what's going on with this house, but it's definitely confusing, huh? What kind of design is that?

Oh my gosh!

I'm so glad I've never got stuck with a terrible interior design like these examples here. Your living space is supposed to make you feel at home and surround you with calm and peace.

I would be so irritated living in any of these places. How about you? Do you agree with me?