20 Great Design Ideas That We're Giving A Standing Ovation To

Ever find a design that's just so good, you can't help but obsess over it a little? They may be few and far between, which is why you have to hold on to them and never let go.

This list shows off some pretty neat design ideas that, to be honest, deserve a standing ovation. Seriously, they're so dang clever!

"This picture of a jigsaw puzzle of a picture of a jigsaw puzzle of a picture of a jigsaw puzzle of a..."

As frustratingly confusing as this picture is, I have to admit that it's also kind of genius. Like, who wouldn't want to put together a jigsaw puzzle jigsaw puzzle?

"New shoebox design in Pakistan can be carried like a bag."

Why don't we have more boxes with handles out there? I feel like something like this could work for a lot of different things, like clothing or accessories. Just as long as the box has a way to stay secure.

"My new socks with individual toes."

Toe socks may not be anything new, but I still think we need to appreciate them more often! Even if, in this case, it makes it look like those dogs are a couple toes away from being octopuses (centipuses?)

"My bread's date tag has a little picture of a seal playing with a ball on it."

Get it, because it's a seal? You know, a seal? Man, isn't the English language a wonderful thing?

In any case, this is a pretty neat design idea.

"These Band-aids designed to match different skin colors."

I like this a lot because it's so subtle, yet so effective. If you don't want you bandage to stick out too much, just get one that matches your skin as closely as possible (no matter what your skin tone is).

"A friend got some new glasses… with heels."

Do the heels make the glasses any more practical? Probably not. But you know what? They're cool. In a lot of cases, a design idea just needs to look cool in order to be a good design.

"A sign to read while washing your hands I saw at a restaurant last night."

This is a pretty good way to trick people into washing their hands for a good amount of time. Which is especially good if you're in a restaurant (even more so if you work there).

"At this hotel I’m staying at, you can rent umbrellas."

As someone who frequently leaves the house on a rainy day and forgets to bring an umbrella, this is a pretty great idea. Hopefully, people remember to bring them back, and don't accidentally leave them in a park or something.

"Parking spots for Dogs at the local cemetery (in Switzerland)."

This is probably a really good idea for most pet owners who also need to visit a cemetery. It doesn't seem like a good idea to let your dog pee on a headstone, after all.

"Pretzel ice cream cones."

I've... never seen anything like this before. This kind of changes the ice cream game. Not even just the taste, but I bet these things won't get soggy for a long time.

"Restrooms at SeaTac Airport use rain water to flush toilets and urinals."

This is a pretty cool idea, especially in climates that get a lot of rain. I mean, why not use rain water to flush toilets? It's not like anyone's going to be drinking out of them (I hope).

"An orange spray painted stump making it marginally less dangerous."

This is a good idea because otherwise, people would be tripping like crazy. I'm sure people still trip over that stump, but at least they have more of a warning that it's there.

"Creative earring packaging at a thrift store."

When you have a bunch of second hand earrings and need something to hook them on to, why not use playing cards? They're fun and unique, and they don't cost a lot to replace. Neat!

"A bathtoom switch with a fan timer so you can leave it running but don't have to come back to turn it off."

I swear, every bathroom fan needs this! Raise you're hand if you never know when to turn the fan off and accidentally leave it on for way longer than you should (you can't see, but I raised my hand).

"This Chick-Fil-A I’m at has a mouthwash dispenser in its bathroom."

This should honestly be in every restaurant. Especially in any place that sells a lot of food with garlic or onions. Gotta keep that breath staying fresh, after all.

"My sheets have a tag telling you which is the short edge."

I'm still so mad that not every fitted sheet has a tag like this. It would probably eliminate, like, 75% of the annoyance that comes with changing your sheets.

"The instructions on my soup."

Subtle things like this don't change much, but they sure are nice to have. I wish all ramen cups told you to think happy thoughts while waiting for the noodles to cook...

"Our new washing machine has a programme for Lego(s)."

This is actually... so genius! Toys in general can get pretty gungy (especially if you have small kids who like to put stuff in their mouth), and this would be a really easy way to keep toys (especially LEGO) clean.

"Someone put a Bob Ross toaster in our breakroom, and it burns an image of Bob Ross onto the toast."

This has got to be the most creative toaster I've ever seen in my life. Which, admittedly, isn't really saying much. Still, who wouldn't want to try Bob Ross toast at least once?

"My new inhaler tells me how many puffs I have left."

It's weird that there are still so many inhalers that don't do this. You'd think they'd all want to tell you when it's time to go and get a refill.

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