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15 Of The Worst Home Design Ideas I Have Ever Seen

Everyone has their own taste when it comes to interior design and decor. Some people like a lot of stuff, while others prefer minimal homes. There are people who like a rustic feel, while others like a more modern space.

Everyone is entitled to their own taste in decor. But, when it comes down to it, there are some design ideas and outcomes that we can all agree should have never, ever happened.

Who doesn't want 1,000 speakers in their kitchen?

You've heard of surround sound, I'm sure, but this is something unlike anything else.

In case you want to blow everyone away the minute you play one song, this is definitely something that we can all agree to pass on. Just...it's tew much.

Was someone stoned when they laid these bricks?

I'm all about a bit of modern art, but this just looks like someone was drunk or stoned when they were laying down these bricks. Imagine having to stare at this in your home for the rest of your life?!? Pass!

The germs. Oh God, the germs.

No one wants to sit on a cold toilet seat, I'm sure. But, this just makes me cringe thinking about how much urine gets on the seat and how many germs are on here. The germs alone are enough to kill anyone.

Major Little House on the Prairie vibes.

In case you missed Oregon Trail and the "life" in the good ol' days, you can relive it night after night and sleep in this wagon.

I'd wake up and have a fear that I traveled back in time and can't escape.

In case you want a midnight snack.

Some kitchens are a bit open and spread out, but this house just has a microwave in the middle of the hallway for absolutely no reason.

Just in case you wake up in the middle of the night and want a hot pocket or something.

That's useful.

The worst is when your plugs don't fit into the outlet. But, this one is a total joke.

You can have 1.5 outlets and the bottom one doesn't work at all. Just, great. Totally useful.

Piano man can do it all.

Who doesn't want to go take a nice bathroom trip and also practice the piano at the same time?

Even Billy Joel is shaking his head at this poorly thought out and designed bathroom interior. Just, stop it.

A hospital trip waiting to happen.

Nothing says "safety" like walking out of a bedroom door and falling directly down a flight of stairs.

Whoever built this house clearly missed the memo for making a safe and durable home. I just can't imagine someone thinking this was a great idea.

In case you want to shower while cooking breakfast.

Sanitary? Definitely not.

Who doesn't want to cook their significant other breakfast and also watch them taking a shower or a poop at the same time. Imagine the toilet water hitting the counter when you flush?!?

I would like to immediately burn this apartment to the ground.

But, why?!?

Everyone dreams of having their own pool in their backyard, but these people just had to go and ruin it for everyone.

Who doesn't want an inground pool with...grass? Come on guys, you just almost had it there.

How do you even function in here?

Need to open the oven? Nope. Want to get something from under the sink?

Sorry! Want to do the dishes? Yikes. This kitchen just screams, "we wanted to make your life as miserable and difficult as possible. You're welcome."

A living room. For giants.

Unless you are Hagrid or someone who is 8 feet tall, you don't need a mantle that is unusable.

Put some photos up there, sure, but don't think you're going to ever get around to dusting them! It's just...awkward for everyone.

Have a seat on my pig couch, yes!

It's not even a cute pig. It looks like a pig who has seen some sh*t.

Like, a pig who watched someone take his entire family, and now he got turned into this terribly made couch for everyone to absolutely hate.

You can only wash your hands if you're a sliver.

Nothing says "I ignore my hygiene" more than a sink that is made for absolutely no one to get near it.

I bet you whoever uses this just makes a whole mess of the water all over the counter, too. Not for me.

This just is ridiculous.

I really cannot imagine who would think this is a great idea.

Let's make a sink that looks like a person bending over because when you go in here with your kids, it'll make for an excellent story and explanation. Solid.