20 Bad Designs That Caused Our Eyes To Roll All The Way Back

Every day, people across the world become shocked at just how idiotic others can be. They notice some choices made or actions taken that reflect a real lack of thinking from the person who executed them.

Some of those silly decisions are captured here in this list, where we're showing off some bad designs that caused our eyes to roll all the way back.

"Company chatbot seems to be broken."

Even when they're working, this is about how helpful chatbots feel on any given day. You almost always inevitably ask to be transferred to a real person, or a transferred to one against your will when the bot can't parse your frustrated rambling.

"[He] is a strange looking fellow."

These polar bears have been promoting Coca-Cola for a long time, so I imagine it starts to get old after a while. They have other things to worry about; bigger things, like their native territory melting at a rapid rate, but to make ends meet they still have to peddle soda.

"Almost lit a cigarette with this free lighter from a vendor my company uses."

Does that vendor happen to sell things like fire alarms or extinguishers? Sprinklers, maybe? Better yet, insurance?

This seems like some sort of elaborate, but deliberate setup to really drive up sales and have people think that handing out free lighters just works.

"Here's a 'Pink Flayd' shirt for all of the prog rock toddlers in your life."

Hey, there's never a wrong time to introduce your kids to bands like Pink Floyd, nor is there a wrong time to buy them band merch that will grant them status as the coolest kid on the playground. It just shows that they're cultured!

Toddlers can't spell anyway.

"These bathroom mirrors turn shaving into a game of Tetris."

You're going to pull away from that shave with thin strips left at perfect 90-degree angles. It's not what you wanted, but you're in a rush, so you leave anyway, and that's how you accidentally start a new trend in men's facial hair.

"The fourth floor in this library is supposed to be silent, but the balcony is open so you can hear everyone talking on the floor below."

"Libraries are known as calm places that are perfect for reading, studying, and quietly working. We thought that was boring and lame, so we designed a library that will never be as quiet as you need it to be to focus."

"F4 turns up the brightness F3 turns the brightness down."

Yeah, of course. The simplest of concepts, the easiest graphics, and they still somehow managed to get it wrong. Things like this are what really make me lose faith in humanity. In what world would this order be the right one?

I need to go to it and have a harsh word with whoever's in charge.

"I sure hope not."

They're not alerting you about a car in their vehicle. No, they popped this in their window after spotting a baby just lose on the road about a mile back. It's too late now as you already passed it, but it's good to warn others.

"The page number being all over the place."

Some people tried to claim that maybe this was making some sort of pattern, but if it's a pattern I can't immediately recognize, then it's a write-off to me. It's still painful to look at and I'd have to return the book altogether.

"The designer of this dial watch was definitely a sadist."

Oh god. Nothing about this watch is okay. The numbers being backwards, the lack of an 11 and 12, the font choice, the color choices...it's a jumbled mess from far away and up close. I'll just keep using my phone, thanks.

"The real estate agent is always watching."

"Have you been thinking about selling your home? No? Well, maybe you should. I really think you should. You could have quite the payout right under your nose. I could secure that for you.

Let me sell your house. Let me sell your house. Let me sell your house."

"This lid doesn’t have an ‘air hole’ so the coffee doesn’t flow easily when you try to drink from it."

A design feature so standard that we hardly notice it's there, but when it's gone, you can really tell. Enjoying a hot drink while driving can already prove to be difficult enough; the extra spillage is completely unnecessary.

"Inconsistent rise and run of stairs."

This is a broken bone just waiting to happen. Multiple, actually. I'd rather try my hand at scaling the wall than even attempt to navigate this staircase, and I'm sure other chronically-clumsy people would agree.

"What should I do..?"

Stand still and start vibrating in place with such intensity that you clip through the wall. You may come out looking a little wonky, but at least you won't have to deal with the existential nightmare that is that door.

"Mouthwatering ... hand wash?"

It's like they want to send a wave of children to the hospital with this one! No specific scent listed, just the promise that it's fruity, sweet, and mouthwatering. The longer I look at it, the more I'm starting to become convinced that it's actually some sort of syrup!

"Hotel in NYC."

Man, who thought of this? Not only the one lamp being out of place, but the sheer amount of lamps to start. That's way too many. Is this supposed to be some sort of art piece? Is this what modern art is?

"Salt and Pepper shakers at my hotel room."

People in the comments were actually celebrating this, saying it's a good idea as it's more sanitary and prevents clumping, but then why put them in shakers at all?

That's so many extra steps. Just toss the packets loosely on the nightstand and I'll figure it out for myself.

"Washroom lock/unlock door buttons in the washroom of my university. Had to make sure that none of them were the emergency button before pressing."

Wait, what does 'press to reset' mean? Reset what? Is the button to erase this timeline's save file and start from year one just casually attached to this random bathroom wall?

How has nobody pushed it yet? If anyone would, it'd be a university student before finals.

"Hello Fresh sent me seven carrots, individually wrapped in their own oversized plastic bags."

Yikes, this isn't the first time I've seen meal kits like this blasted online for the amount of waste in them. Seeing as they usually advertise less waste as one of their selling points, you'd think they would commit a little harder to that being true.

"How tf ?"

Time to hook them up to the climbing harness and get them strung up, this will be a test of upper arm strength to see if they can get up there, wheelchair and all. Call it a rite of passage into this...warehouse?

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